Valkira Vexx

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Valkira Vexx

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First Name: Valkira
Last Name: Vexx

((**Credit to wangxiuming for the wonderful art**))
Race: Teifling
Age: 28
Height 5'8

Personality Profile: On the outside she appears rather involved and happy with occasional moments of timidness or distance. Usually smiling and somewhat of a flirt if someone catches her eye, Always listening and watching for the next heart to play around with. Those who really know her can see she's rather walled off and very distant not allowing much in the way of emotion to show through. She generally keeps to herself unless something or someone garners her interest.
General Health:Healthy besides some scaring across parts of her body from various wounds.
Deity: Tymora
Initial Alignment: Neutral Evil
Profession: Bartender at Darius Holding Company
Base Class & Proposed Development:Arcane Trickster/Phantom/Wizard
Habits/Hobbies: Reading, Bar keeping, Flirting and Breaking hearts
Languages: Common, Abyssal, Arcane, Draconic, Elven, Infernal, Loross, Nethernise, Undercommon, Celestial, Orc, Dwarf, Illuskan, Aragrakh, Mularandi
Weapon of Choice: Kama/chakram/Dagger

Background: Born in a distant city somewhere in Mulhorand Val and Reiker were taken at a young age to the Underdark by a rogue drow wizard who was using them both as his own personal toys to experiment on, clean, fight or whatever took his fancy. Unlike her brother, she was often chosen to fight more often than experimented on due to her constant bad temper and aggressive behavior. Valkira would often find herself in a small room with some sort of foe, fighting for her life, or waking up in a bloody mess on the floor. This was most of her youth years as she and her brother suffered under the cruel drow for many long years.

Val & Reiker made an escape when one of the Drow's experiments went wrong causing demons to get loose and start slaughtering all those around them, darting through the passages trying to lose the relentless foes they stumbled around the Underdark for many years before making it to the surface and jumping ship to Waterdeep. They stayed there for a short while, before catching another ship to the city of Baldurs Gate. Unlike Reiker, Valkira wasn't ready to let go fully of her underdark instincts and for a time found herself in Sshamath, where she worked for one of the houses and trained with the drow there, as she couldn't take orders and her anger often got the better of her she was eventually removed from the house by force. Everything seemed to be going well enough for her for a while Until she and her brother had a large falling out in part due to his easygoing and seemingly uncaring nature. Val eventually cut loose from her brother and all other ties. Having turned her from the angry woman she was into the more calm, collected and incredibly cold woman she now was

Goals: does not have personal goals

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:
- Valkira knows a lot of information about people and their affiliations due to her ability to get people to talk to her.
- She still harbors a huge grudge to Xyen (one of the drow from the house) due to him trying to kill her among other things.
- was an apprentice information broker to Tamzim before his death
- Holds a strong distaste toward roaringshore and high captain karn
Aramoria Wysalrth
Valkira Vexx

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