Augustus Aurelius

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Augustus Aurelius

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Template For Character Creation Reward:

First Name: Augustus
Last Name: Aurelius

Appearance: A clean-shaven Aasimar, wearing shining Mithril Armor who appears to be surrounded with a literal Halo of Light.
Race: Aasimar, specificially of Solar-Blood.
Age: Mid 20's
Height 6'4"
Weight: 180
Eyes: Motes of pure Silver
Hair: Silver
Facial Hair Style: Clean shaven.

Personality Profile: He is a follower of Saint Sollars the Twice-Martyred of Ilmater and thus shares his love of life, love of cigars, and love of Drink. Saint Sollars is in personality, essentially, a Texan in both speech-pattern and personality. (( He has a Castle called Al-Amo and a Tome Archon named Terxys...))
General Health: The paragon of physical perfection, though he obviously smokes way too many cigars and drinks too much beer. Very much like his own patron Saint.
Deity: Ilmater, though he is a follower of Saint Sollars: The Founder of the Order of the Yellow Rose.
Initial Alignment: Lawful Good
Profession: Priest and Minister to the Lost, Beer Brewer (He brews his Beer with Holy Water. He makes his water boiling the Hell out of it. ;) ))
Base Class & Proposed Development: Cleric/Heirophant/Solar Channeler
Habits/Hobbies: Woodworking and Carpentry, Beer Brewing.
Languages: Common, Celestial, Elven.
Weapon of Choice: A heavy Warmace, the head is shaped like a Rose, tinted with Gold.

Background: A Heirophant of Ilmater, Augustus chose the Patron Saint Sollars as his champion of the Church. Hailing from Damara, from Bloodstone Pass, Augustus Aurelius was a High-ranking Priest at the Abbey of Saint Sollars. He obtained his rank as a Solar Channeler after his ascension to becoming a Heirophant. He underwent the Binding Ritual of Feathers in the Abbey of Saint Sollars on a DRUNKEN BET that he would not face a Solar in person. He accepted...and was SURPRISED when the Solar actually granted him his powers!! For the Solar was one of his own ancestors. The Progenitor of his own bloodline. The cause of his Celestial Heritage. He was granted a vision Quest during this ritual, and heeded the call to travel to Baldur's Gate in order to face the Fiendish Menace of the Demons of Orcus, as Saint Sollars is one of Orcus' greatest enemies. St. Sollars refers to Orcus as "The Meanest Hombre this side of the Pecos", and has sent a vision quest to his Heirophant to help destroy them as well as to close the Fiendish Portal at Dragonspear Castle. ((The current year is about 5 years before the events of the Throne of Bloodstone Pass, where a group of adventurers are sent to the Abyss to destroy the Wand of Orcus.))

Goals:: Augustus intends to destroy the Demons of Orcus who have invaded as well as the Devils at Dragonspear and close the portal to Avernus. Doing so, he believes, will enable him to join the ranks of Master of Dragons of the Yellow Rose. He has yet to "Ride the Worm." (( This could be a HILARIOUS DM Event. The Ritual literally involves the Cleric/Monk acting like a COWBOY, and ROPING a Rhemoraz and riding it...Yee-Haw.))

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts: As a Solar Channeler, and as a Heirophant of Ilmater Augustus Aurelius is a living manifestation of pure Good, channeling the most pure forces of the Celestial Hebdomad through his mortal body. The Devils of Dragonspear would take great pleasure in causing him great strife, as his powerful Faith and his Angelic nature would surely make him a target for all of the Fiendish forces gathered upon the Coast. To corrupt his soul would be a literal Angel's Feather in the Cap of any Devil looking to advance their ranking in the Infernal Hierarchy.
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