Niyressa Dawncrow - Character Biography

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Niyressa Dawncrow - Character Biography

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First Name: Niyressa
Last Name: Dawncrow

Race: Tiefling (Alu-fiend), she has small horns on her forehead and a prehensile, spade-tipped tail.
Age: 25 (when arriving to Baldur’s Gate)
Height: 165cm/65inch
Weight: 65kg/10stones – combination of muscles and full curves
Eyes: Purple/Amethyst
Hair: Fiery red/shoulder length
Tattoos: Niyressa has two distinctive tattoos, those are made not of only ink, but enchanted precious metals and bear arcane runes to enhance her abilities. First is a golden crow surrounded by silver stars adorning her right temple, with each star being a magical rune. Second a golden-haired elf with rapier and gossamer wings, surrounded by purple sun, it’s rays, tiny strings of arcane runes, this tattoo is placed over her left scapula.

Personality Profile:
General Health: She is in peak physical condition, takes impeccable care of herself and her body
Deity: Sharess - follows the goddess’ teachings in a way that rather celebrates life and its pleasures, taking on new experiences and trying new things, doing whatever she finds interesting without feeling shame rather than being a diehard hedonist
Initial Alignment: Chaotic Good – cares about people’s freedom and to make the place where she lives a safe environ to practice magic as well as to enjoy whatever pleasures she finds exciting which means no tyranny, no slavery, but also no excessive laws especially those rooted in puritanism
Profession: Mage, warrior, spy, diplomat – Studied in Cloaktower and worked for 4 years directly under one of the senior members on arcane research and protecting the city
Base Class & Proposed Development: Major class is Wizard, her build is Wizard/Rogue/Eldritch Knight/Arcane Trickster, she came to Baldur’s Gate as lvl 20 from Neverwinter, she trained in very different styles and skills all tied up by her transmutations and Polymorphing, so she could be whatever is best for the job at hand.
Habits/Hobbies: Most of the time she spends either on her research or looking for interesting experiences ranging from mind wrapping conversations to an epic adventure into unknown and mind-boggling places, in between would be her taste for luxurious wines, foods, clothing and anything that can make her life comfortable and her senses sing praises. She used to be a big connoisseur of the flesh, enjoying very different people and what new exciting ideas and pleasures they could show her, but that is now focused through her relationship
Languages: Common, Abyssal, Cant, Celestial, Elven, Dwarf, Draconic, Gnome, Sylvan, Arcane, Orc Halfling, Undercommon, Thayan – Most languages she learned as part of her Diplomacy training, Abyssal she learned to understand her heritage better, Arcane and Draconic are part of her Mystic studies, Elven she learned because she is fascinated by Elven culture and was always strangely attracted to elves, Undercommon she learned for a big expedition into Undermountain while in Waterdeep and “perfected” it after being held there for several months, Thayan she learned for counter-intelligence purposes
Weapon of Choice: Polymorphing - everything else, her weapons and gear, are to improve her shapes, she always tries to pick the right shape needed to beat an enemy or to fit a role. She can become an archer, a warrior, flanker, spy. But she never let her arcane studies suffer being a highly proficient mage she can support a group with wards and utility or be a siege mage.

Background: Niyressa was born in the city of Neverwinter to Robert and Marjorie Dawncrow. Her father was a lower noble who has been granted his title from Lord Nasher after a heroic deed, common story in the city of Neverwinter where adventurers are still celebrated as were the founders of the city. The name Dawncrow was given to Robert with his title, in his earlier adventuring days he and his company The Crows have saved baroness of Conyberry while she was traveling towards the City of Neverwinter. Due to the baroness’ well-known fortune a group of brigands and bandits attacked her escort at dawn. Robert and the Crows happened to be returning from Conyberry as well after a tenday of enjoying the city’s frivolous entertainments. When the bandits attacked and outnumbered the convoy, Robert used a long-treasured artifact, he has once obtained during his ventures. A dagger with a socketed Blue Diamond that through Gem magic has been imbued with a “Stonehold” spell, became their savior as a heavy fog settled on the area and encompassed all their adversaries in heavy stone, making them an easy target. Marjorie was on the other hand a simple city girl born to a merchant family, she was sweet and cheerful, smart and very interested in the city but otherwise not special from many other women in the city, she was interesting to Robert though and he made her fall for his worldly charms and adventuring stories.

While her father always loved Niyressa unconditionally, her mother changed ever since the little tiefling was born. She was no longer the warm and happy woman, her love for Robert was obscured by the blame she was giving her husband for the “unclean” child that was bestowed upon them surely due to his unknown ancestry. And while her love for Robert only diminished, Marjorie has always outright hated her own child. Niyressa ended up neglected and later beaten and hated by her own mother and while her father loved and truly cared for her, he also never could stand up to his wife for his kind heart.

The situation was very bitter-sweet and strenuous on the whole family, so when Niyressa reached fifteen years, Robert has used his limited influence to get the young tiefling admitted into Cloaktower where she studied the arcane and could live for the time being. Niyressa very much enjoyed her years in Cloaktower. She found love for the arcane and found her way to the teachings of Sharess to make the best of the life she had. She also created a strong bond with one of the teachers, Rebecca Brightlance, who ignited a love for transmutations in the girl. When Niyressa reached 18 years and was to finish her apprenticeship, Rebecca took the girl under her own wing so to say and let her continue study and work for the organization under her personal tutelage. The next four years Niyressa spent dutifully learning all the secrets of transmutations from her Mistress and she took on learning in many different skills wanting to please her mentor as her perfect protégé. She learned the basics of diplomacy, so she could escort her mistress to Lord Nasher’s court as her assistant. She learned the ways of combat and became an Eldritch Knight, so she could fight to protect the city in time of need, and she learned the subtle art of subterfuge and infiltration, becoming an Arcane Trickster, so she could prove helpful in curbing nefarious agents of Thay and other elements who wanted to bring fall to the city.

Niyressa was happy, she had the love of her mentor and her father, she had been exploring the pleasures of life as Sharessian and had the chance to do important work to protect her city. But that changed when she neared her twenty third year. At that time a string of murders started plaguing the city. It wasn’t a big event because the victims were only those of extraplanar blood. But it was a horrific event as the bodies found were always mutilated, cut up and altered to look human. Their inhuman features were usually cut out or burned out and replaced by human parts, there were signs of healer’s practices as well as holy ceremonies, but one thing became clear, whoever did this was trying to “cleanse” the bodies of their planar taint. As it was discovered later this was an act of a newly forming cult of fallen paladins, misguided priests and fearful people. But more importantly it was discovered that the group was being supported by small few of people with coin and even nobility amongst which was Marjorie Dawncrow, Niyressa’s mother.

Marjorie was always using part of the family’s coin for charitable expenditures which her father wholeheartedly approved of. However, in the last year she used those to hide her support for the cult. She even took part in most of their actions and ceremonies. When the despicable group’s hideout was discovered a big strike was organized using all parts of city’s forces including Cloaktower. Niyressa by then knew of her mother’s involvement, as did her father, and she managed to squeeze herself into the assault group. Her father however, still with love for his wife, wanted to save Marjorie on his own because he believed she had been misled and forced into all of this. He left before the city’s forces to try and lead his wife into safety and get her out of the influence of the cult, however he didn’t manage to persuade her and, in the time, he spent trying to, the sault force invaded the hideout. Robert died that day caught in the chaos between the warrying groups. Niyressa’s mother however survived and was dragged out in cuffs by the grieving tiefling. Marjorie along with the surviving members of the cult has been put on trial and executed. As is common in Neverwinter, nobles are expected to be servants and protectors of the city-state and as such the Dawncrow family lost all its holdings and influence to pay reparations and Niyressa lost her family, it’s status in one fell swoop. She left the city a few days after, leaving only a short letter for her mentor, Rebecca Brightlance.

The young and pained tiefling spent her next two years traversing the coast. She was hurting and damaged but used her faith as a “shield” becoming a true pleasure seeker…maybe a bit too much. Her life turned from commendable and driven into one never ending party. Going from place to place, always spending only a few months to revel in the pleasures that locals could offer. She has visited Silverymoon and Waterdeep. In Waterdeep encroached on a big and exciting expedition into Undermountain where she ended up captured for three months before she managed to escape. She then continued by ship to Calimshan, ventured north from there into Athkatla and eventually found her way to Baldur’s Gate.

Goals: Niyressa’s goals when entering Baldur’s Gate were nonexistent, she never planned on spending more time in the city and its environs. However, that changed, her goal becoming to make Baldur’s Gate her new home, to protect her home and to keep it a place where she can practice magic freely, pursue her research and enjoy the thriving trade and travel which brings in different cultures and pleasures she can enjoy.
Another goal which made her priorities is shift is Lylan’Synor Syr’Asiryn. Niyressa’s love and soul. She wants to protect the sun elf and their life together and would do anything to make her happy or try to.
The last goal is to research a way for the tiefling and elf to remain together for as long as Lylan lives. She is trying to research an ancient Netheril spell “Ioulaum’s Longevity” as it is the only way she sees she can attain longevity with, but should a new opportunity present itself she might change her focus as her goal is longevity. (As per previous DM team discussion, this is meant to be continual RP for Niy and possibly others, but any sort of conclusion can only happen after character's retirement if she stays focused on Ioulaum's Longevity and doesn't start pursuing different way)

Possible plot hook ideas and misc. facts:
Cloaktower and her mentor would always hold power over Niyressa’s life should they ever resurface somehow.
The drow and other elements from Undermountain could be looking for their escaped slave if Niyressa somehow become known enough in Baldur’s Gate.
Niyressa has a strange attraction to magical trinkets, if a unique magical item is at play, she would try almost anything within her own limits to obtain it, no matter how weak or powerful the item is.

((picture credit to the awsome "athornforyourheart"!))
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