Seeking Scythe of Quality

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Seeking Scythe of Quality

Unread post by Rudolph » Mon Dec 24, 2018 9:51 am

A scarred elf clad in gold puts up a sign outside the Friendly Arm Inn and sets up camp right next to it. The sign reads:
"I am tasked to look for a War Scythe with a specially crafted blade (bludgeoning or piercing dmg). A legendary weapon called Wicked Union is my dream, but any clever metalwork on that blade may do (will consider everything from +2 extra physical dmg upwards). The craftsmanship of the weapon as a whole is of no real significance - the blade is the crucial part (i.e. EB doesn't matter). I have some gold and interesting items to trade for those willing to part with their harvesters of enemy heads."

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