Milosh AKA Mill.

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Milosh AKA Mill.

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Sorry for my broken English :)

So this is literally a biography of CHARACTER. Mill at bgtscc is conversion from p&p d&d. He have been created about 20 years ago and have been played as P&P character untill 2016.

The Very Begginning.

Before baldurs gate from bioware have been released D&D wasnt any popular at Russia. But when BG appeared It was like a bomb. It was like everyone suddenly got a wish to play D&D. And there was one more thing. Most popular character was Minsc. And it was like everyone wanted their very own version of Minsc at P&P. So Rashemen campeigns was in order... And it was pretty close to war of clones :) Minscs with different names and genders was everywhere. Yes, Minsc is a very far from being a "typical" rashemi. But you know.. trends :) I like Minsc a lot. But i never wanted to play him at P&P... I always wanted to play my very own characters. So a began to create Milosh aka Mill. I wanted him to remind Minsc at first glance, to fit a "Crazy Rashemi on the lose" Theme. But also he was intended to be something entirely different. So at first glance it was a life loving and child at heart type of person. However... i picked a Stalker class. Its A rangers kit for 2.5 D&D which inclines toward information gathering, scouting, spying and relying on his mind more than relying on raw physcial strenght. Intelligent person in first place. So this how its started. Fresh from Dajemma Mill. 19 years old. Stalker. 1 lvl :)

Playing with big guys.

So i played a large amount of campeigns with Mill. Fought a lot of wars against Thay. And you know usual stuff. Rescued damsels in distress, saved world few times on occasion :D. I was in my teens and played D&D with other teenagers. However... There was a group of mature players, which ones helped us a lot with rules, books, advices. But never allowed any teenager to play with them. And its looked like a some sort of Elite Private Club for us. And every teenager wanted to be invited to play at this club. Well.. One have been. hehe :)

Once dm of this "Elite club" Called me. He said he've heard about my Milosh character and wants to invite me with my character into his game session. He said they are playing underdark campeign about svirfneblins (deep gnomes) waging a gurilla-style war againt drow-opressors. And i welcome to join.. If only if i can come up with good reason for my character to be in Underdark in a first place. So it was like now or never, i needed to come up with a good reason or no playing with big guys for me :) So "crazy heroic" , "saving world" and "Doing a bidding of gods" and other typical reasons from teenagers campeigns was out of order. So i decided to go with an accidental arriving. Mill was investigating a some cave system and sudden flow of water from nearby lake washed him down. Perhaps it was a somewhat weird reason to be at underdark, but i got like a several seconds to think. Anyhow dm was satisfed with an answer and i moved to play with a big guys :) So mill have been washed down to Underdark, have been found by deep gnomes and joined this guerilla style war. (in fact campeign was more bout survival than war. But it was really good one).


Big guys was playing 3.5 and Mill was 2.5 character. So he have been coverted. From stalker of 2.5 he became Barbarian\Rouge\Cleric (tymora, just 1 level)and most of levels - Shadowbane Stalker. Mill was CG and Shadowbane requires to be LG.. But DM said its okay, sometimes you need bend the rules of the system :) This conversion allowed him to stay as close to his original concept bout to be a happy-go-lucky guy, while being good at stealth and information gathering.

Going to other D&D Parties and Release of Neverwinter nights 2.

I've spent many years with this group. Short after NWN2 was released - this group of players and DM lost their interest into D&D. So there was a final battle of taking some small town at Underdark to wrap it up. However... I wanted to continue to play as Mill. Kinda used to him after all of those years. And at this time a knew a lot of D&D playing groups and DMs. So i joined another group of players which ones was about to move from Amn to Neverwinter... Cause Neverwinter 2 just have been released :) And people wanted to play in city of Nerverwinter. So Mill was fighting a some drow priestess. Was about to finish her off... but steped into some magic cirle, priestess activated this cirle and Mill was teleproted into some caves nearby of Amn and soon after exiting a cave joined his a party of adventurers.

Mills Retirment and BGTSCC.

I've spent few years with this group, then moved to antother.. and then to another. Sometimes his build have been changed to fit dm's requirements. Untill 2016. All of this time i was keeping a track of Mills age. If dm said - year passed - i added this year to Mills age. After he hit a 68 years old i decided to retire him. Cause.. well, he was old and my last group lost interest into D&D. (it was last group i knew.. which was playing D&D. Since about 2010 most of russian p&p players -moved to GURPS) So after his last advenure he returned to Rashemen. Became a leader of his berserker lodge. And well, thats it... He he had a long way from 19 y.o. and 1 level to 68 y.o and 27 level.

But well, my urge to play d&D is still alive :) And about year ago i discovered BGTSCC. I played several characters... But was unable to stick with them for long. Once i RCRed my another toon, i've created a some human, clicked - "generate a name" and Mill poped up. It was a really "Holy Crap" moment for me. Hell it was almost creepy. Its like Mill refuses to retire and wants even more adventures. So he is here. He is 32 year old. Parted with his previus group at Neverwinter not so long ago and moved to BG. Server rules and lacking of some classes does not allow any of his P&P builds. So i dug into builds of BGTSCC and took most fitting one. :) So he is Wilderness Stalker. So its like no matter of D&D edition. P&P or PC game. He always sporting a class with "Stalker" name :)

P\S He is not only one P&P character i've played. I had dozens of them. But its only one which managed to survive this long :)

P\P\S Yes i know... Mill messed up with things like timelines and stuff while going from 2.5 to 3.5 But well. Its always happends with old characters :D

Feel free to comment if you want to. :)
Mill - Ilmater's Priest.
Nilugg - Lurue's Ranger.

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