Thok - The beginning

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Thok - The beginning

Unread post by zavox » Tue Dec 25, 2018 9:25 pm

Born from a human woman and a Half-orc man Thok lived in a small village close to the High forest in his youth.

His father hailed from an offshoot uthgardt tribe named the Tree Ghost Tribe and his mother was a former adventurer.

Thok had a relatively peaceful youth growing up helping his father who acted as the village hunter.

And when Thok entered his teens he was stronger than most men in the village only second to his father, Though he was certainly not the brightest even when compared to the uneducated peasants he was stumbling about with just normal words often only being able to puzzle together incomplete sentences.

years later in his late teens One night as fate would have it an event that thok would never forget, Out of what seems like nowhere appeared a band of Orcs but not just orcs there was goblins and some hillgiants among them too, Torching the few building there was in the village, slaughtering the people and killing the cattle Thok's father grabbed his Glaive and went to fend off as many as he could but quickly got overwhelmed by the sheer amount of orc's , goblins and hillgiants that pelted him.

Thok in despair ran with all his might towards his father who by the time thok reached him was already dead.

Thok threw himself towards the massed up enemies and promptly got hit right over the head Lights out.

when he came too he was surrounded by the corpses of almost everyone he knew, houses where looted and burnt to the ground and the body of his father mangled beyond recognition, while emotional he buried his father's remains by the village great oak.

he picked up what was left of his fathers glaive and tied a rag around his head and ventured south.

while traveling he thought of his mother which he could not remember having seen in the village when he woke up.

He traveled around for Months after what had happened, many hungry night he had to endure in the beginning of what would become the lonliest part of his life.

he arrived in the first village since he set out from what he left behind only to be chased out by angry peasants shouting words at him like kill the Orc, catch the abomination, off with its head!

Thok began keeping away from humans and civilised lands alltogether from that point everytime he could see someone else on the horizon when traveling the road he went quickly into the brush away from the people who would cause him grief.

for about a whole year he was staying away from people and civilised lands alltogether surviving on animals and beasts he killed but it was meagre living on what he managed to hunt, He was not even close to the hunter that his father was.... but he had something else he came to realise, His strong and endurable body he glanced at the broken glaive that he had been carrying around all this time maybe if he fix it and learn from what his father thought him about fighting with the glaive then he can become and adventurer like his mother used to be!

with his mind set on becoming stronger and start small just maybe find a chance to prove that he's not an evil orc or the like but an adventurer who helps those in need and make a new life for himself that he himself can do with his own strength.

While roaming around in the highforest trying to better himself in his "craft" he had just set up a shoddy camp when a man clad in plated robes a big square shield and a hood covering his face walked into his camp, Thok cautiosly stepped back and drew his shoddily repaired glaive (the shaft was just a somewhat straight stick).

The man said whoa there calm down big guy i wont hurt you, Thok with his one good eye stared at him for awhile and then asked "Who you?" the man said who i am? he smiled and said i am William Liess a cleric of illmater the crying god and you my big friend have nothing to fear from me.

William said, so who are you if i may ask?

Thok replied sheepishly "Thok"

William chuckled a little now that was not too hard was it?,
so what brings you out here Thok?

Thok stood silent for a while and then after a couple of minutes he replied Thok gonna become adventurer! help people fight big monsters and get stronger...

While William listened to Thok's broken sentences he sized him up until Thok was done talking And then he said you know Thok that sounds great how about we team up then we can fight the biggest and baddest of monsters and help alot of people what do you say?

Thok stood there stunned for a while and then he just Grinned and nodded.

William smiled and replied perfect come with me and we'll fix you right up then we're on our way down to baldur's gate.
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Re: Thok - The beginning

Unread post by zavox » Wed Dec 26, 2018 4:49 pm

OOC: There is some holes in the "story" timeskips and stuff that i will fill out later,
And some corrections to be made here and there but this is the short version.
Thok - Honorable Barbarian

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