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Silent Knight

Unread post by Ychrana » Sat Dec 29, 2018 2:18 am

*Amended to several board and guardhouses along the coast copies of this bounty begin to emerge, commissioned from a skilled scribe of Candlekeep*

The Madden White
For the crimes of Arson and Murder in the hamlet of Gladevale
By the confederated council of sovereign nations of the Dalelands
In exchange for the reward of 100 bar platinum, or equivalency,
upon delivery to the Warden of Ashabenford, Mistledale.

Last known sightings in Luskan, and Waterdeep.
Female, white skin, white hair, 6 foot 3 inches in height.
No known associates.

*The parchment is signed and bears the seals of each member of the Dalelands council, as well an accurate ink sketching of the woman’s caricature.*

((Note: 100 bars of platinum is in trade bars, with the rough value of 17500gp))

*Beneath the printed scripture of the parchment is a notation written in an elegant hand*

From Lady Beatrix Marylyn,
Knight of the order of the Ruby Rose.

I have received authority from Ashabenford to take the Madden White into custody pending transfer to Mistledale and have tracked her south of the Chionthar.
Should she be found, I have taken residency at the gates of Candlekeep and received permission to award the stated fee upon delivery of the White to the keep’s barracks.

Should I not be at Candlekeep, I shall be patrolling the roads of the Coast Way.

The outlaw has been sighted in the Cloakwood, the Wood of Sharp Teeth, and along the Coast Way as far south as Beregost.

No dispensation has been authorized for reimbursement should the occurrence of their death follow.

*The addendum is signed and sealed with the rose signet of Beatrix Marylyn.*

((ps, will give 1000gp and an intternet to anyone who knows whom this picture is actually of))

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Re: Silent Knight

Unread post by Ychrana » Sat Dec 29, 2018 2:30 am

*An unfurled scroll gently lists in the breeze staked out on the narrow path to Candlekeep, its lettering is shaky with deep scratches from a trembling hand and its bold, blotched ink reads as follows…*

Secrets… sadness… Sister shall surely sequester such sorrowful serenades swiftly… simplicity surrounds Saint, so service Sune softy.

So surreptitious Sister seeks such spawned sirenic sibling seriously? …sad sunny solace sought solicitous some silly sworn solemn salvation?
Surmising semblances seen so surely, straining said sister’s soundness? …scraping scant scraps surviving such Self’s seldom-seen stolen sanctity?

So superfluous shall such seeking seem Sister, since Self’s secure solitude spares such sumptuously soothing surplus surprisingly safely serene.
Sworn services sister, suspended, so… supplant, substitute, supersede!
Send savvy scoundrels, send slathering scum, send sullied shining simpletons, second-rate sellswords surely, shower sorcerous scourges, send some Sister, supply!

Swiftly shall she see Self’s spite slaked, slaying self-sold slaves, slaughtered savagely, skewered skilfully, strangled, stabbed slit slivered stripped sliced…
Savouring said sadistic sensations, so succumbed such scorns’ subjugate.
Singing Sister, splendid songs, sublimely supremely spurned.

So secede such sordid seeking sweet Sister silent, sage state Subjects, save saneness’ secession some.
Should superlatively shall such see sorely sister’s severely shattered sanity.
Sentience stolen she shall see snapped sods shill screeching, see shout see shriek see squeal… she shall see such squalid sleaze so satisfyingly screaming.


~ sister

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