FAI/BG - Karsa Ralsa - The Brown Solid Chain Shirt (sold)

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FAI/BG - Karsa Ralsa - The Brown Solid Chain Shirt (sold)

Unread post by Balthomer » Mon Dec 31, 2018 2:00 pm

Greetings good people of the Sword Coast, I come today with a great offer!
This magical chainshirt, while it does not provide any extra defence for combat, it boasts a powerful enchantment that will make anyone wearing the armor wiser! (+2 wisdom), it also boasts minor protection from spells (spell resistance 12).
The armor is made of iron.
The asking price is 2,5000 gold pieces, might take in other items for trade.

Please send a letter to Karsa Ralsa or reply to this post, thanks and happy new year
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