Augustus Aurelius: Lawful Good don't mean Lawful Nice

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Augustus Aurelius: Lawful Good don't mean Lawful Nice

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It was a cold night in Damarra when my friend James and I decided to hit the local pub for a pint before Sundown. The priests and monks of Saint Sollars all gathered there at the White Worm tavern in Bloodstone pass for a drink after a hard day's work. They would play cards, talk philosophy, and laugh the night away.

After several rounds of the Blessed Beer of Saint Sollars James turns to me and he tells me "Gus, yer a pious, good enough feller. Why don't you take the bindin' Ritual of Feathers? Become a True Champion of the Church? An actual channeler of Divine Power?"

I turn to 'im an' I say "James, buddy, I'm already a Heirophant of the Church. What more do I gotta do to prove my faith to Ilmater?"

"Yeah, Gus, but here's the thing: Solar Channelers actually go out and fight the Good fight. They kill the Demons and the Devils, they don't sit around preachin'. Gus, you're one of the bravest, strongest guys I know. Imagine what you could do to them Demons and Devils if you had the power of an actual ANGEL on your side..." James shouted.

"James, do you really think a powerful Angel like a SOLAR is going to take time out of it's busy day to grace the presence of a mere....half-breed like me? I'm not a real Angel, James. No matter how much I might look like one." I replied to him.

"Yeah, well, at least you could get laid if you wanted to. I don't get it, Augustus. Why did you take that vow of purity again? You're a manlier man than I."

"Well, James, it turns out that Desire and Lust are the things that Devils and Demons use to corrupt people. So if you have no desire..." I started.

" are incorruptible." James Finished. I merely raised my glass to that. "...Ain't nobody incorruptible, Gus. Not even you."

"That's true 'nuff" I snorted "Best I figger bein' a Heirophant jus' makes up for all the dumb sh-t I did when I was a kid."

"You were sent to us for a reason, Augustus. I believe that more'n anybody. The Heavens sent us an Angel, a real one, to watch over us. That's what I'd like to believe, anyways..." James lowered his head in prayer.

So of course one drink turned into another. And another. And another. And even more. Until the whee hours of the morning. James an' me, we always been best buddies.

"I'm gonna tell ya a secret, Jim. You would think growin' up lookin' like an Angel would be a blessin' aint' nothin' but a goddamn curse."

"Bullcrap. Convince me!" said Jim, as he poured another round.

"Well, First off: you get all the Lookey-Loo's. Curious folks who keep starin' you up an' down tryin' their best to figure out jus' what the Hell you are.

Then, of course, you get all the people who just want to run up to you an' randomly touch you. You know. Cause touchin' an Angel is supposed to "Cure them."

Psh. I wish people weren't such idjits. Touchin' an Aasimar don't do nothin'.

Thing is: People BELIEVE it does somethin'.

And when people believe somethin' strong enough. When people believe that you're some kinda conduit for their Gods. When people believe that you're some kinda Savior... really pisses me off" I said as I clenched my drink. Jim just laughed.

"Well, Gus, you suffered for other people. But in your sufferin', you gave people Hope. That's somethin' people need, Gus. That's somethin' that people gotta have. Hope is just as essential as this Beer we're drinkin'. You go long enough without it, well, life jus' ain't worth livin, now is it?" James grinned.

"I'll drink to that!" I said, raising my mug, and we clinked them together.

"Gus, who the hell you kiddin', you'll drink to anything" James grinned as he held his pint up high. I reached over with mine, and clinked them together again.

"I'll drink to that, too!"

"I'll bet you ten bags of gold that you're too CHICKEN to take the Binding Ritual of Feathers, Gus! You're too yellow!" James taunted.

"Dammit, Jim, I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna petition that Angel, and I'm gonna show you that I ain't yellow! Jus' tell me a time and a place, and I'll be there for the ceremony!" I boasted, drunkenly. Jim just smiled.

"Tomorrow morning. Sunrise. I've already made the arrangements."

"You've already made the...." I stuttered.

"...arrangements." Said Jim. And for just a moment Jim's eyes seemed to glow with a pale, bright light. I dropped my drink as I saw it.

What the Hell have I just gotten myself into?
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