Add more scythes

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Add more scythes

Unread post by Rudolph » Sun Jan 06, 2019 11:02 am

Having rolled up my first scythe wielder after many years of playing, I noticed that, unlike pretty much all other weapons, the scythe is not at all represented in the epic shops. Even the Falchion gets at least one enhanced model, but the scythe? Nothing at all. Why is that? Is suspect it might be due to a proliferation of scythe-wielding WM/FB builds in the past (I rarely see them nowadays). Wielding epic weapons of the legendary Wicked Union calibre (though this model seems to have gone from the game by now), such builds might indeed be somewhat overpowered. But what about providing some scythes with lower than epic EB but some colourful extras (e.g. Keen, 1d4 bludgeoning dmg, +1 or 2 magical, or +1 elemental and bludgeoning dmg, +1d4 Sonic, +1 Vamp, etc.)? In short, I'm looking for some scythe love...

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