Darkwoods Syndicate — Auction (Sshamath)

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Darkwoods Syndicate — Auction (Sshamath)

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This stall stands out among the others of Darkwoods District slave market. A banner with a violet emblem of shiv in a ring of blood indicates it as Darkwoods Syndicate outlet — a shady place where one can find not only weapons and armor, but some truly special (and sometimes not-very-legal) wares. It is hosted by several bugbear slaves speaking broken undercommon, but it's obvious that many more eyes are watching from the shadows of Sshamathian ghetto. A long list hangs nearby, displaying the goods available and the auction rules:

Bids start from 10 bags of plakla, 5 bags is the minimal step. Rare items for trade instead of plakla shall be considered as well, but the Syndicate can reject your offer if it is unworthy of our goods. If nobody beats your bet in two cycles, the item is yours and you must pay for it, those who don't shall find themselves in the blacklist or something worse. Leave a note for jabbress Zee'Aerie or Miirszyx Sabal if you are interested in doing business.

p.s. Don't waste your time negotiating with bugbears, they are too dumb for it.

Goods for sale:

Mithral Scale Mail (x2)
Mithral Full Plate (+1 Agility, +1 Wisdom)

[Heavy Shield] (+4 AC)

Helm of Mind Barrier (+3 Deflection AC, +4 Willsaves)

Gloves & Bracers:
[Bracers] Bracers of Archery (+3 Spot, +2 Agility)

Greater Belt of Stamina (+3 Constitution)

Ring of Augury (+2 Spot, +2 Listen, +2 Concentration, +2 Appraise, +5 Lore:Arcana)

[Shortbow] Shortbow of Magic, Epic (+4 EB, Mighty 5)
[Scythe] Sea Reaver (+2 EB, +1d6 Damage vs Elementals)
[Kama] Kama of Determination (+3 EB, +1 Vampiric Regen, Material: Alchemical Silver)
[Greataxe] Greataxe of Courage (+3 EB, +1 Vampiric Regen, On hit: Blindness (14 DC, 2 rounds, 10%))
[Greatsword] Greatsword of Shape (+3 EB, Sharp)
[Greatsword] (+4 EB)
[Club] (+4 EB)
[Quarterstaff] (+4 EB)
[Handaxe] (+4 EB)
[Bastard Sword] (+4 EB)
[Bullets] Parasite Pods (+1 Magic damage, On hit: Infests with maggots (DC 14), 99 Bullets in stack)

Dragon Bile (DC 26, PE: 2d6 Consitution damage, SE: None, applies to bludg. weapons, gloves or touch attack)
Balor Blood (DC 30, PE: 2d4 Strength damage, SE: 2d4 Consitution damage, applies to slashing or piercing weapons)
Pit Fiend Ichor (DC 27, PE: 2d4 Strength damage, SE: Death, applies to bludg. weapons, gloves or touch attack)
Colossal Spider Venom (DC 28, PE: 1d8 Strength damage, SE: 2d4 Intelligence damage, applies to slashing or piercing weapons)
Devil's Eyes (DC 21, PE: 1 SR damage, SE: 1d3 SR damage, applies to slashing or piercing weapons)
Eye Blast (DC 21, PE: Blindness, SE: Blindness, applies to slashing or piercing weapons)
Void Poison (DC 20, PE: Blindness & Deafness, SE: Blindness & Deafness, applies to slashing or piercing weapons)
Jar of Angry Hornets (DC 25, PE: Spell Failiure 30%, -2 All Saves, -25% Movespeed, SE: None, grenade)

"Special" Equipment:
[Boots] Boots of Cleverness (-2 AC)
[Amulet] Aasternian's Cooperative (-4 Fear Saves, 25% Negative Energy Weakness)
[Shield] Shield of Electric Chair (-2 Fortitude saves, 90% Electric Damage Weakness)
[Amulet] Heart of the Conventional Leopard (90% Fire Damage Weakness)

Dusty tomes:
Currently 6 available (all unopened)

(OOC Note: RP in the first place, meaning that your character is expected to come to Darkwoods District of Sshamath and RP to purchase something (surfacers may come too), no Nexus transactions and pm trade)

Known as:
Zul (Zulandi Ukwanda)
Alkor Deezelisk

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