Bram, Urchin of the Gates- Fashionista of Tomorrow!

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Bram, Urchin of the Gates- Fashionista of Tomorrow!

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First Name: Bram
Last Name: Bram has no surname to go by

Appearance: Bram is handsome conventionally, despite having a nose, slightly to large for his face, and a jaw that is all too square. He seems to keep himself extremely well dressed, constantly enthralling himself in the latest fashions, and always wearing a subtle amount of make-up to make his complexion more fair and even.
Race: Human
Age: Mid 20s
Height: 5'7
Weight: Enough to tightly squeeze into his newest tunic! Oof!
Eyes: Bright Blue
Hair: Clean well maintained Blond hair
Facial Hair Style: Kept well trimmed

Personality Profile: Bram seems obsessed with fashion and ventures out to try and inspire and learn of new beauties from the adventuring community. He finds it an untapped market with which to build a name as a future designer of fine garments. He constantly will critique and judge another person based on their appearance, though his attitude is a large tarnish on his behavior, he seems to always smile and enjoy doing it. Bram always was interested in modifying and taking his time to tinker with his most prized possession, a repeating Crossbow of some Eastern Lands.
General Health: Bram is healthy and average for his age.
Deity: Bram scorns the idea of Gods, and is essentially un-believing despite a large amount of evidence. Most divine spells he tallies up to just being the Arcane along with a few choice words of prayer. He thinks it all non-sense, and will likely one day be pulled into the wall of the faithless. He is in a manner anti-theist.
Initial Alignment: Pure Neutral
Profession: Adventuring Fashionista
Base Class & Proposed Development: Fighter Archer, perhaps a few levels in something complimentary
Habits/Hobbies: Why, Fashion of course! He spends almost all his time speaking of it, practically non-stop. It's awful and his behavior not kind or welcome, as it shouldn't be.
Languages: Common.
Weapon of Choice: A Repeating Crossbow of his own modified design

Bram grew up on the streets of Baldur's Gate, abandoned by his parents. He'd spend his days convincing the other urchins that paying him some small amount of tokens, be it food or copper pieces would certainly one day increase their own profits by investing! Of course, young Bram had created a pyramid scheme of sorts, but his arrogance and laziness to avoid work was greater than his own welfare in his mind. With a small amount of savings from his scheme, he managed to buy a hand cross-bow from a passing Gnome Sailor for a cheap price after practically begging, along with a handfull of bolts- despite the scheme being found out, the little boy now had a weapon to hold over any would be attackers!

Utilizing his new found intimidating cross-bow, he took to the streets making a racketeering group made up of children, collecting from other urchins, he figured that's just how the world works, and he'd never even have to fire a bolt. His small size made him no less intimidating when life was a pointed end away. He made well in coin growing up, his web of influence over the local rabble growing. He earned a little title, Bram The Sure Shot Shorty amongst his little ensemble.

But all good things come to an end- Bram took under his wing a small boy once he was a teenager and give him the bow to carry on the name. He pooled his gold savings and immediately entered a fine tailor to purchase the most expensive and gaudy outfit he could buy. It was all down-hill from there... He found a new obsession, robbing and racketeering was fun! But, looking posh, smug, and deserving of an air of superiority was even easier than threatening and collecting coin. His ego, was thoroughly stroked in his new outfit.

He began entering into fine parties, wining and dining rich locals of Baldur's playing up his new appearance as a foreign merchant of substantial wealth, weaving his ways into the inner webs that is politics. Though he was not there for politics, only to saturate his own self-importance. Wooing noble ladies and receiving fine gifts was one of his most enjoyable experiences. He surrounded himself in fine colognes, wonderful make-ups to even his skin, and even some new wears along his charming days. Until he grew bored. What is looking good, when you can make everyone look good? His obsession with fashion had become not merely desire to be part of it, no! He wanted to influence it! He scrapped together old crossbow parts and began to work on a foreign schematic he purchased. His first repeating cross-bow, it took time, nearly a year to get all the necessary parts and coin together, but alas it was complete!

His target for inspiration for his new fashion plans? Adventurers! There would be only way to learn of their deep and honestly, Dark, Grim, Black, and Bleak culture. It was to be a part of it! And perhaps.. Even influence a few adventurers to become as beautiful as he sees himself one day. Bram took to the streets-- no wait- the woods! Huddled around camp fires, enduring the cold rain of the coast, if only to make one person a bit more beautiful.

Bram's thoughts of who his parents were, why he was abandoned, and who he truly is safely are kept away, while he occupies his mind with what next garment he should buy. His mind always seeking to be occupied by fashion and other shallow things, trying to hide himself from his own thoughts.

Hopefully, one day, he'll grow and be ready to confront the Realm at large, and find value in life, and not just its outside appearance.

Goals: See Plot Hooks!
Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts: Bram is looking for the parents whom abandoned him as a toddler in the streets of Baldur's. Undecided whether he should end them, thank them, or simply just console himself in knowing of their existence. He knows nothing of them, but that won't stop him from tracking them down, for one reason- or another.

Bram plans on building a Tailoring store and only selling to the highest of echelons in society, the Nobles and rich. It's this reason he has begun his research adventuring, to find the NEXT BIG LOOK.

Bram at times will look for new components to utilize for his crossbow, as a hobby at the side. It offers him some time alone, away from his thoughts that are somber when he isn't conversing with another individual.
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