Criminal on the Loose!

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Criminal on the Loose!

Unread post by PaulImposteur » Thu Jan 24, 2019 1:02 pm

(Quotes from RP and some Italics to show area and information)
After pulling himself out of a well, searching for a lost child that wasn't even there! After the long arduous search he was caught off guard by a voice in the dark. He looked about, being in the Farmlands South once more, and saw a guard posted only 10 feet away. Suddenly he was assaulted. Bram awoke later, not seeing his assailant.

The Voice; "Give me all your coin now!"
Bram; Looks a bit taken aback then suddenly relaxes, pointing to the guard in front of him, "There's guards right there you nit, you're a terrible thief!"
Bram; heard weapons being drawn, then slowly backed away.

((Bram was then beaten senseless in front of a guard, not even having time to draw a weapon and defend himself. Will message DM character description so guards are aware of whom caused this attempted murder.))
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