Shields & Weapon Models to Add?

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Shields & Weapon Models to Add?

Unread post by deserk » Thu Jan 31, 2019 8:49 am

I believe this PW has already some of the models from this pack ... lk-shields. But there are a lot of missing pieces, possibly overridden by other shield hakpaks you may have. Any chance we could add in the missing ones? As you can see from the pictures there are a lot of great models here. (More pictures in the link)

I could personally renumber the model slots so that it should work, but in that case could any of the staff tell me which model slots are unused for the various shield categories?


Also there is least one model available from this pack ... nd-hakpack currently on BGSTCC, but could more be added in? Most of the NWN2 original scimitar models are really crappy and have impractical proportions, so it would be great to not be forced to use only them.

Another pack I think this PW has partially implemented is this one ... ggers-pack. But could the (enlarged) scaled versions be added in as well? There are a few falchion models in this pack that look great, and the falchion weapon has a pretty poor set of models to choose from.

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