BG – Voskul Gloamfathom – Greater Widowmaker Bow

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BG – Voskul Gloamfathom – Greater Widowmaker Bow

Unread post by sir_blacksoutalot » Fri Feb 01, 2019 2:11 pm

Conducting business from the dank and dim corners of the Belching Mermaid Tavern, one Voskul Gloamfathom makes it known among certain clandestine circles that he seeks a weapon crafted by the name Greater Widowmaker Bow.

Voskul bids his contacts spread word among purveyors of rare goods. It is preferred the weapon be procured by legal means, but he will of course proceed on a “no questions asked” basis.

For any brokers willing to engage, be it for gold or trade or exchange of services, Voskul requests they make contact by leaving word with the Baldur’s Gate harbormaster.
Voskul Gloamfathom ~ Shadow Archer: Marksman, Rover, Mercenary ~
Vyrana Ravenmoor ~ Priestess of Fate, Harbinger of Misfortune ~
Grum Grognazdiak ~ Dwarven Rogue Arcanist: Skulker, Schemer, Scavenger ~

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