A archers request(CLOSED)

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A archers request(CLOSED)

Unread post by narcaleptic » Sat Feb 09, 2019 3:54 pm

Posted at various message boards spanning from nashkel to the friendly arm, a archer known as Hymly has expressed interest in archery equipment, the posting is simple and to the point.
Hymly's post
Hello fellow peoples, I'm new to the area and really have met few thus far, but I am in search of a longbow. The auctioneer at the friendly arm inn does not seem to ever have the grade I am looking for, and I should express that I'm not looking for any old ordinary longbow. I am looking for something of true grade and craftsmanship, doesn't need to be flashy but truely powerful functionalities is a must. I have a large sum of gold I am willing to spend for the right longbow, so if anyone seeks to sell one they may have collected I am willing to buy.
+3 to +4 enhancement bonus
+4 to +6 mighty bonus

// any extra stats would be welcomed please post ic if you have a offer
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Re: A archers request

Unread post by Calodan » Sat Feb 09, 2019 5:15 pm

Greetings. You will find what you seek in my wares I am sure depending on the price you seek. By far the best longbow for your gold is the Bonecrusher bow. Only a mere 40 bags through the Golden Arrow Trade Company!

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////Bonecrusher bow +3 EB +4 Mighty Extra Ranged Damage Blunt This means you can attack undead as well easily with it.
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