The Sasha/Rogir Blood Feud

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The Sasha/Rogir Blood Feud

Unread post by Zethrenx99 » Mon Feb 11, 2019 2:50 am

Alright so after reviewing some of the PVP rules and realizing that some of the information that we where going with was a little outdated I figured I would post this in case any who where involved wish to figure out where it is we should continue from! Firstly, and this may be important for the future, Amnesia can be waived with consent of both PvP parties and in this case it was. The 24 hour restriction was also waived by both parties involved. And the follow up confrontation could have been valid based off of the rules that I had reviewed.

Now, I've always been for RP comes first! So if anyone involved, particularly Rogir (Sorry if i'm misspelling your name) would like to discuss where everyone stands within the rules we can continue the RP for as long as everyone wants or until a RP conclusion comes around. If you don't want to discuss it here, feel free to send me some PM's or we can talk in game!

Thanks for everyone that had participated before all the confusion over the rules came about and hopefully we can continue on with the RP!

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