Server Lore Update?

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Server Lore Update?

Unread post by Ewe » Mon Feb 11, 2019 11:28 am

I read the timeline page, but it seems to still say our server year is 1351 and nothing has happened since 2015 on the server. Could we get someone who has this knowledge to update it? I'm interested to read about the most important events in the last few years. Thanks!

See this page for more:

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Re: Server Lore Update?

Unread post by metaquad4 » Mon Feb 11, 2019 11:32 am

Didn't even know this page existed. That is a really good idea, for people who play more casually or newcomers. 10/10 for keeping it up-to-date, that is an extremely good idea. Communication is key.
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Re: Server Lore Update?

Unread post by thids » Mon Feb 11, 2019 11:48 am


Just needs an update for last year.

Edit: last 2 years actually.
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Re: Server Lore Update?

Unread post by Maecius » Mon Feb 11, 2019 8:25 pm

We're actually doing a really big lore push right now staff side (Endelyon even created a whole new lore forum for collecting and planning). So we hope to have more and better and clearer -- and easier to find! -- lore soon.

Hopefully the DMs will get the chronology updated, too. Though if players can think of any big events from the last two years, post them here!

People, including DMs, come and go from the server all the time. Getting our history down helps to secure all the achievements of our players (and all the stories of our DMs) for the future. Otherwise they fade away into nothing, and then it's like they didn't happen at all!

Keeping our own history, as a community, is what makes this a persistent world! :D

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Re: Server Lore Update?

Unread post by calvinus » Sat Feb 16, 2019 3:52 pm

FYI this server lore thread also needs an update for 1353 and onward still.


Updating server lore I would imagine takes a lot of time and effort, so whatever staff can do as such would be most appreciated!

And thank you Maecius for making this post in the meantime!

Maecius wrote:
Wed Jan 02, 2019 2:57 am
2 January 2019

We have survived another year, and what a year it's been! As we enter 2019, I wanted to take a brief look back at some of the accomplishments we've seen these past twelve months.

These have included (just to name a few off the top of my head):

- Increases to shapeshifting and polymorphing forms variety
- Increases to summons variety
- Introduction of dynamic encounters and events
- Introduction of cooking (still basic)
- A DM campaign centered around the takeover of Dragonspear Castle by devils (which occurred last year in the canon lore)
- Introduction of a preliminary Faction Reputation system
- Introduction of the "Control Henchman" feat to allow greater control over summons
- Beregost achieved independence (throwing off the yoke of Amn)
- Introduction of the Spellswapper Djinn in the Nexus for innate casters
- Significant lootgen tweaks (increasing the frequency of decent loot and decreasing the frequency of empty tankards and rags)
- The introduction of numerous new deities for enhanced RP flexibility
- Lore refinements and beautification work around the server
- Introduction of adamantine weapons as loot drops
- Introduction of new Prestige Classes and other custom content
- Upgraded the forum
- A "New Player" Tutorial Dungeon added to the Nexus
- A graphic indicator added to help facilitate RP by letting players know when someone they are interacting with is typing

Meanwhile, players have been able to accomplish some pretty cool things too (again, definitely more to add here)!:

- The En Dharasha Everae have helped evacuate elven clans from the southern Misty Forest, as well as slow down the progress of the devils there and establish an alliance with local Hybsils
- The Northern Watch was established to protect free trade along the Trade Way in the name of the Baldurian Council of Four
- PCs founded "The Last Anchor," an inn in Ulgoth's Beard, and through their efforts were able to improve the town (adding to it an Apprentice Smithy and new blacksmithing building, as well as a new barn)
- The Rocky Creek Trade Company was formed, and began turning the sleepy town of Greenest into an RP hub and a place for their business dealings
- Meanwhile, the Golden Wheel Trading Company established itself in Nashkel
- The Doron Amar and the Elder Circle worked together to lift a curse from the Shrine of Mielikki
- PCs working together were able to save numerous people by establishing a camp for the refugees of Tymount in and around the Order of the Radiant Heart's lands outside Baldur's Gate
- The establishment of several titled PCs (including a High Captain of Roaringshore and a noble of Baldur's Gate)
- Expatriate Kozakurans established the House of the Crimson Blade on the Sword Coast
- The Everwatch Knights of Helm in Nashkel helped to broker the above-mentioned independence of Beregost
- The Zar Ut Khan unite large numbers of orcs and engage heavily in militant politics both on the surface and in the Underdark, reminding the world that Uruk Lurra exists as a political power in the north
- Certain darker factions continue to manipulate aspects of the server from the shadows

Ahead, we still have many things to accomplish if we are to meet our goals, as described in the 2018-2020 BGTSCC Strategic Planning Document. But considering we are only one year into this effort (and have all of 2019 and 2020 to complete the rest), we have made some significant progress!

Naturally, the most important part of any year is the players and staff who make the game fun for everyone to play. So thank you for all of your continued collaboration on this community project. Here's hoping we can keep it going strong into 2019 -- our "ten year anniversary" year!*

Happy new year everyone!

* The server actually opened in late 2008, but went open beta and started really attracting its players in 2009
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