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Audree's Journal

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30 Nightal 1354

Drifting Amongst the Winds

Oh how grateful I am that Shaundakul has lent his helping hand to me! I could still be sleeping in the streets of Calimport but for these past few days a caravan has brought me along to escape this dreadful country. They have hired me another blade to protect their goods as they travel to Tethyr. Not only do I not have to shame myself by begging for coin, but I am being fed and will be paid a bit of coin should we arrive safely across the borders.

The terrors of the night have not come to attack us yet, but every night in the desert is another opportunity for bandits and creatures of the dark to raid us. I’ve been keeping quiet to myself, especially when the stars watch over us. Though sometimes I overhear the conversation between the others, merchants and guards alike. Despite being far from Calimport, the despicable worship of coin and luxury is still very much present. Since we are away from the city, the merchants are now our sultans for they hold the most coin and thus the most power in our traveling party. Still, I am glad this is not a caravan with slaves, as far as I can see.

Being out of the city is both terrifying yet refreshing. I do not feel the eyes and judgments of everyone in the streets. Most of the other guards speak with one another with understanding. The wilderness is now the most dangerous threat that lurks over us rather than the worry of angering those with power above us. As we approach the plains, the weather is becoming much more bearable. It is still dry and warm but sometimes I can feel the cools of the wind.

I still am, in great pains leaving Calimport. . .leaving my family. I hated that city for all the arrogance, cruelty and hoarding that defined it but I still lived there my entire life. I wonder if father is still angered or has his flame calmed and now. Does he regret disowning his daughter? I doubt it. And mother, I could tell she had wept hearing father and I argue. But alas, I will make her proud and return showing both her and father that I am not a naïve fool. Father is wrong about letting things be as they are. Even if it is out of my control, I will scream and cry about the injustice of that city, no, of Calimshan as a whole. But for now I must train to become a great warrior and guardian of -Agriil Nari-, the Slumbering Fire, our family heirloom. As much as father hates it, he did pass down the blade to me. -He- is no longer the guardian of it, I am.
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