Zart Traz: How to be a Dragon (Bio/Journal)

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Zart Traz: How to be a Dragon (Bio/Journal)

Unread post by Jim Power » Mon Mar 25, 2019 5:02 pm

First Name: Zart

Last Name: Traz (He made up both names himself)

(picture pending)

Race: Human
Age: Mid Twenties (Doesn't actually know the exact number)
Height: Short by human standards
Weight: No way to know, probably hovering around 180 lbs due to muscle
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dirty Blond
Facial Hair Style: None, he keeps himself shaved because the coarse hair bothers him.

Personality Profile: Exuberant, Loud, Stubborn, Easily Frustrated, Joyful
General Health: Outdoorsman, rarely ever sick, acclimated to the roughness of the world. (18+ Constitution)
Deity: Lurue
Initial Alignment: Chaotic Good
Profession: Adventurer, Wanderer, Treasure Hunter
Base Class & Proposed Development: Barbarian then Dragon Warrior (but quietly until I can roleplay it out)
Habits/Hobbies: Likes to make friends, Collects Gems and Shiny Treasures.
Languages: Common
Weapon of Choice: Any. Has no preference beyond the preferred use of larger weapons, especially the Greatsword.

They are of unknown providence, orphaned at a young age. Their human phenotype perhaps a clue as to their heritage, but beyond that not even he knows. Perhaps, though to be true, they never really cared. To them the world was the world, place names, locations, it all blended together as he enjoyed the wild lands and its challenges. Not that he is against comfort but his mind was always tuned to fleeting whimsy and indulging the world as it was. Even still, grounded perhaps in myths and legends he grew up on, half remembered and jumbled up in his head. Treasures, monsters, triumph, tragedy, he wanted it all. (Needs work, need to explain why Lurue is their patron deity, dragon fanaticism etc)

To become a dragon. (Everything he does for the most part revolves around that. At least adventuring wise.)
Learn Draconic.
Write a book about Dragons in some way
(more added later on)

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:
Easily fooled, taken advantage of.
Possible alignment shift if goals require Evil Deeds. May give into the temptation.
LANGSTON TRONS: A freakin' cartoon Character.
BRYDEN BRONVALE: Mr. Toughguy warrior pants.

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