Journal of Doctor Larfleeze Hamoa

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Journal of Doctor Larfleeze Hamoa

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These journal entries are written in an autobiography, voice record by way of a Magical Quill

"Doctor Larfleeze Keres Hamoa."

"Site, The Amnian Mountains."

"Time of Day, 13 candle marks, Tarsakh 1st, 1355 DR."

"After many hours of seafaring and rejuvenation Iv'e finally arrived at the destination with a heavy heart and light pockets. New lands and new faces dawn on me now in this regions fully unfamiliar. I cannot let these facts deter me from what it is I seek however, nor what I came here to do."

"After some time off the ship from Port Ylraphon the numbing pain of moving my body seems all to familiar. Ill have to slowly begin reconstruction procedures on my body as my time within that damn fort has taken it's toll more then I could have imagined."

"I will need to find a place to rest my head soon, as I fear my slowly growing fatigue will take the best of me soon enough. The capital city of Amn lies in the distance nearby which will have to do for now until I can get back on my feet. My plans to carry out the mission will have to wait until I have fully recovered and until then I suppose a warm ale and warm bed will be a breif relief from past events..."

Cerebella Dreambreaker - Insectomancer

Silken Diaries.


Larfleeze Keres Hamoa - Plague Doctor


"For the night is dark, and full of terrors."

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