Skagrot Skullsplitter, Hordemaster & Fist of the War Maker

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Skagrot Skullsplitter, Hordemaster & Fist of the War Maker

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The Great Gray Land of Thar

There is a land far west of Baldurs Gate and the Sword Coast, called Thar. It is a desolate wasteland, occupied mostly by warring tribes of goblins, ogres and orcs. A barren place filled with violence, where the key to survival ultimately means being strong enough to kill your enemies before they kill you. In this land, it came down to strength in numbers- the larger your horde, the longer you tended to survive.

One long lasting and mighty tribe of Thar, the Skullsmashers, were a tribe of ogres, rumored to be the remnants of a great empire that supposedly controlled all of Thar at one time. The Skullsmashers were not only solid examples of survivors Thar, but due to the large size of the tribe, they actually thrived. This success was achieved, not just by using brute force slaying all their foes, but by enslaving them as well. If you were captured by the Skullsmashers and if you were one of the lucky ones, they would only make you fight for them, usually to end up dying a quick death as arrow fodder. The unlucky ones, would be made into a slaves, a far less desirable fate.

One of the clans of the Skullsmashers tribe, originally started out this way, as slaves. They were a small upstart tribe of gray orcs and orogs, who's original tribe name was lost when they were defeated in battle to the stronger ogre tribe. They made the error of crossing paths with the Skullsmashers and paid for it with their freedom. Luckily though, they seemed to have learned the lesson about failure in battle. For when they were forced into battle by their new masters, they proved themselves to be both wise and strong, surviving against great odds, on the front lines of many blood soaked battles. These orcs survived, and because of this survival, they were rewarded with respect. Eventually they were honored with a spot among the Skullsmasher tribe and given the new clan name, Skullsplitter.

The Skullsplitters over time, grew in strength within the ranks of the Skullsmasher horde, growing in numbers and power. It stayed this way for a few generations, until the young clan eventually splintered somewhat from the greater tribe when they had the fortune of discovering Xûl Jarak, an ancient orc citadel. This citadel held a passage that lead to the Upperdark. The Skullsplitter clan took to the Underdark like an orc takes to torturing elves. Almost immediately upon discovery, they made the tunnels and caverns of the Upperdark their home, while only going to the surface to hunt or raid traveling caravans and other tribes.

The Skullsplitter became its own tribe again, and thrived in the darkness far underneath the great gray land of Thar.
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