Revelations of the Blackrose

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Revelations of the Blackrose

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Kneeling before the Dark Three. Act I

The Sound of a Thud could be heard as a Head Rolled down the Hallway and all faded to black.

I awoke on a Cold black Marble like Floor laying in a pool of blood that had congealed over time.
As i picked myself up off the floor the Aura of Dread, Hate, and Death overtook me. I Raised my eyes peering into the darkness and it Stared back at me.
Ahead of me were three Black throne and within them were seated Three Beings of immense power. I Raised my hand to shield my eyes from there Magnificence but to no avail.. It completely overwhelmed my being.
I Immediately fell to my knees and prostrated myself before them. This all felt so Familiar as i had been here many times before.
Words began to flow from my mouth in Praise.
"Hail be it to my God the Lord of Tyranny, May all come to bend to your will"
"Hail be it to the Lord of Bones, All will Succumb to you in the end."
"Hail be it to Lord of Murder, May all your enemies come to Bloody Respite."

The Feeling of Anguish and Disappointment overwhelmed me.
I felt failure,defeat and the Status Quo had been evened.
Once again i Raised my voice...
"I have much work to complete in your names, Many tasks which you have set before me, do not revoke me but allow me to continue to serve you as Faithfully as i always have."
The Three Stood silent, The Darkness around them becoming thinker and blacker.
They Slowly raised their hands and my forehead began to burn in such agonizing pain that the everything went hazy until the black overtook me.
When i woke from the black and opened my eyes why there was the Baron and Brigitte.
I Had been brought back.

The Next few Days went by Hazily, Much had been lost and much needed to be restored.
It would take time but the path was clear.
One night my head burnt with Excruciating pain as the Marks of the Dark three burnt into my forehead. I Was no longer a Servant to just Bane but to the three as a Whole.
Though Truth be Told... Service to Bane would always come first.
Known as:

Morgan Blackrose -Servant of the Dark Three, The Lich Queen, The Corpse Crafter, The Undying, Member of the SpellSworn.
"Do not weep in your defeat, In death you will serve a greater purpose... Mine!

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