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First Name: Dawn
Last Name: Unknown

Appearance: Dawn is a little shorter than average. She wears mithril chain and a shield most of the time.
Race: Aasimar
Hair: blond with a red tinge
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'4''
Weight: Slim

Distinguishing features: Dawn's eyes glow green and can be easily seen in the dark

Real people have flaws: Dawn had a difficult childhood, and was raised by a witch in a little hut outside Baldur's Gate. She is scarred by her childhood, but she has kept a good heart.

Passion: Dawn has a passion for song and poetry, but her own work is usually melancholy, even dark. She also loves healing magic and craft.


What will she do over the next tenday? She prefers to stay outside of towns, and survive in the wild. As she contemplates the beauty of nature she writes and composes. She sometimes makes appearances in taverns when she wants to show her work, which is always about natural landscapes, usually at night.

Year? she is learning the lands surrounding Baldur's Gate.

Their life goal? She wants to serve Silvanus and keep the encroachment of living and constructed things from disturbing natural balance. She will begin to act on this goal when she has gathered a lot of information on what a natural balance of things would look like.

Deity: Silvanus
Initial Alignment: Neutral Good
Profession: Bard
Base Class & Proposed Development: Bard/cleric
Languages: Elven, Sylvan, Common
Weapon of Choice: undecided

Potential hooks:
1) She is good and will help people in need
2) She seeks knowledge of the local land, the ecosystems of natural creatures, and how to heal and sow what she considers "natural"
3) She wants material for her songs, which are not about people but exploring rugged landscapes.


The witch that served as her mother had dark plans for her since before Dawn can remember. As she grew she knew nothing of a normal childhood. The witch did not give her a name, and they would generally sleep during the day. At night the witch would put Dawn to work collecting ingredients for her potions and and firewood to make charcoal that she sold for a meager existence. Life was hard. Food, warmth, clothes and shelter were scarce. She doesn't know how it began but she has always gained strength from the beauty and endurance of trees. She always saw the trees in the dark, and this experience of the woods at night, alone on some errand for her "mother" was very important to her. This source of strength nourished her soul and made her able to go on in her plight. She began to talk to the trees, actually she spoke to the tree shadows when the moon was out. The first shadow she spoke to was named "Willow" and Willow told her about the sleeping squirrels in her trees when the snow was fresh and pale in the moonlight. She told her about the owl that always searched for food, and would stand so still that he could not be seen on the branches of her willow trees. Dawn listened and learned. One time she found dryads dancing in spring moonlight among the trees, and they taught her about Silvanus and his wild domains. In the meantime the seasons turned and the designs of the witch for her "daughter" began to take shape. Now the witch was very old, and Dawn began hearing the thoughts of the witch in her head, as though she thought them herself. Sometimes there were so many thoughts she barely had time to think herself. She began fighting against the witch with her mind, grown stronger for the things she had learned, and finally, at the age of 13, she realized she had to run away. She hid her thought of it and after being sent on an errand she simply began to run into the woods farther than she had ever run before. She went the way the witch went to sell her charcoal, and eventually found a road. As she ran and walked down the road, weary and with little to eat, she saw the dawn spreading over the marshes near the ocean. She knew the word, be had never seen it so clearly, and decided, since she did not have a name, she would call herself Dawn.
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