Active guilds roll call?

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Active guilds roll call?

Unread post by TheKai »


Was hoping to do a roll call to see which guilds are currently active. There are quite a few guilds listed in the Guild page but not sure which ones are still active/around.

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Re: Active guilds roll call?

Unread post by ShineDown »

Hellstorm is still running. Best way to check is the last forum post date. Hope you find what you're looking for!

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Re: Active guilds roll call?

Unread post by Winterborne »

House Darius is quite active.
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Re: Active guilds roll call?

Unread post by LISA100595 »

Order of the Silver Rose is active.

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Re: Active guilds roll call?

Unread post by Moridin »

Qu'ellar Zau'afin is active even though our page is quite buried and out of date.
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Re: Active guilds roll call?

Unread post by FearBeforeTheFlames »

The Ebon Blades are active! Though I am not a representative of them~
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Re: Active guilds roll call?

Unread post by Ravial »

Elves of Doron Amar are pretty active!
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Re: Active guilds roll call?

Unread post by Truthiness »

The Twilight Rose (soon to be the Siren's Song) is active!
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Re: Active guilds roll call?

Unread post by Kingmaker »

The Thieves Guild is active.
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Re: Active guilds roll call?

Unread post by Darker_Thought »

(UD, Drow) House Mori'hyanda is still active :twisted:
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Re: Active guilds roll call?

Unread post by Kiran »

Golden wheel is active - Typical merchant roleplay. We run weekly caravans and trade with other guilds in game, good and evil.

Might be an idea to let people know what type of character your rolling up, if it is a order type there is a couple of active and also a couple new ones out there that might suit you etc.
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Re: Active guilds roll call?

Unread post by Darkcloud777 »

Phoenix Company is around and active.
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Re: Active guilds roll call?

Unread post by AgentOrange »

The Golden Shield is just starting up. We are a mercenary outfit under the corporate umbrella of The Golden Wheel, mentioned above.

My availability is limited to evenings GMT- 5 (EST).
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Re: Active guilds roll call?

Unread post by WookieWarlord »

Krinkrak clan reporting in (not officially a guild but it's possible to join us).
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Re: Active guilds roll call?

Unread post by BDobolina »

Rocky Creek Trade Company is active.

Small, heavy RP, merchants.
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