Sojourner - reflections of Emeth Ha'Doresh

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Sojourner - reflections of Emeth Ha'Doresh

Unread post by gotesu » Mon May 13, 2019 10:39 am

How many days have I lost to oblivion, how many insights have I made that no longer resonate my mind
may the letter be the champion of my memory and the written word emissary of my past.

I miss him, I miss his guidance, his wisdom, his pride.
despite the fact he had little understanding of what "childhood" means and how a mortal ought be raised
he did his best to be a father to me, and a mother too - all for the sake of a mysterious oath he had made to parents I have never known.

How I loathed his arrogance then, but now I realize it was just the simple truth.
So often I was doing tiresome errands for the business he was running on behalf of some "Great Caliph" and him seizing the opportunity
to preach me how a mortal like me should behave, his words almost carved in my mind after endless repetition:

"When addressing your betters, and especially with those who are not cursed with the fecklessness and abruptness of existence like yourself, - be courteous, appeasing and bear in mind how easily a mortal life can be snapped away."

Still, deep inside I knew that this was his way of protecting me from whatever perils my helplessness holds.

I owe him much
For it was his passion for experience and understanding of every notch of what existence has to offer - that has kindled mine.
It was his tutorship - that has given me the tiny aperture through which I began touching the deeper fabric of this world.
And above all, I now realize, it was his kindness for which I am alive.

How ironic it is that appreciation so often comes with loss -
now we are worlds apart and I feel alone.
and yet, I think it is just the great wheels of destiny that decreed -
it is time for me
to stand on my own.

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