Astere Laroux - Unknown Killer

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Astere Laroux - Unknown Killer

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I remember how it used to be. That dark room. The burning aroma of the water rotting the wood. The damp heavy air. I remember the screams. I remember their faces. I remember how my eyes hurt when they would let me outside. I remember how my legs and arms would shake from terror. They stripped that fear from me long ago.

I cannot forget where I have come from. I was hidden away from the world, used as a tool. I would kill and return to the den that was my supposed home.

They trained me, fed me, clothed me. Why was I not grateful for their gifts? Why was I not appreciative of them allowing me to draw breath? The others had not been so lucky. Am I the only pet they keep now?

The days dragged on endlessly. Mindless murders. All done quietly and effectively. It only took one touch. One brush of my skin against theirs. Their terror set my soul on fire. I reveled in the silent screams of their expressions.
Astere Laroux
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