Frost Faern - Valuril

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Frost Faern - Valuril

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Name: Valuril Chedraluin
Place of origin: Menzoberranzan, Narbondellyn
Age: 231
Race: Drow
Sex: Male
Deity: None(?)
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Planned Classes: Wizard/Scholar/Frost Mage/Shadow Dancer
Height: 4'9" (149 cm)
Weight: 105lbs (48 kg)
Eyes: Ruby red with flecks of silver
Hair: Stark White
General Health: Fair, sometimes hard of breath.
Profession: Faern, Sculptor.
Habits/Hobbies: Gathering wealth and arcana, snuffing out fires, freezing hapless tunnel denizens, sculpting; original works or 'fixing' creations.
Languages: Undercommon, Common, Drow, Drowsign, Draconic, Arcane, Abyssal...
Weapons of Choice: Staff, daggers, arcana


Possessed of a slender frame more suited to dancing than combat, none would mistake Valuril for a sargtlin upon first sight. While not short for a male and appearing to be a healthy weight, he nonetheless lacks sheer physical presence.

White hair is kept at a short, almost boyish length, afforded a firm-set property by the cocoons of frost that set in when left undisturbed. Shaking it out... is much like watching dandruff fall. An echo of his past, the spider inked into his fair features doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon. A smirk or a smile sends the ink-arachnid chittering, white fangs over black lips with limbs that stretch out almost to the jaw.

Even when smiling, the male's gaze is curious at best, narrow and cutting at worst. That is, if it can sit still for even a moment, frantic and flighty as it is.

The frosty Faern has recently taken to an ornamental ice armour, plates of solid but not especially thick ice that he relies on his low body temperature and a touch of magic to keep below melting point. The ice is underlain with furs and cloth, to muffle sound as well as keep it from becoming uncomfortable against his skin.

The staff is a bone white metal, tri-clawed at its head with a blue orb at its center that is cold to the touch.

His hands are rarely left bare or hidden away otherwise. In fact, the male seems reticent to show much skin at all.


When asked, Valuril speaks with sardonic sarcasm about what an honour it was to be born in Menzoberranzan. A student and member of the Sorcere, that much is easy to presume. He feeds the story with the odd tid-bit here and there, but more than that is unknown. Reluctant to be too forward with his story, even when pried, the Faern withdraws or quickly changes the subject.

The male is known to occasionally favour his lower abdomen or trace fingers up and down his arms; perhaps more of the Frost Magus' story is just under the skin?


-Complete his path
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