Malina Lomion

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Malina Lomion

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First Name: Malina
Last Name: Lomion

Appearance: Malina's elven face is tattooed, the most striking of which are white around her white eyes, mimicking their almond shape and contrasting sharply with her black skin. Her white-grey hair is well kept and falls to her high cheekbones. She wares a silvered mesh shirt, which are the traditional robes of the community of monks hidden deep in caves. Sometimes she pulls a brown hood over her head if she sees people who might take a disliking to her race. Her face and figure are beautiful and she moves with grace.

Age: 120
Height: 5'5''
Weight: Lithe
Eyes: White
Hair: Silver

Personality Profile: Malina is proud of her dedication to truth and to Savras, and her membership as an ordained monk of her order. She is rather judgemental, but usually fair. She likes to see the many sides of a situation, and that makes her an easy companion to both good and less savory folk.

General Health: hearty
Deity: Savras
Initial Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Profession: None
Base Class & Proposed Development: Monk
Habits/Hobbies: likes mushrooms both raw and cooked, meditation, tea
Weapon of Choice: Kama

Malina grew up in the upperdark. She has a few memories of running and hiding with her mother in the dark caverns, and even a flash of the starlit sky, but she doesn't know what happened to her family. She is more comfortable in caverns, and survived in this harsh area as a child because she had the amazing ability to turn invisible when she needed to. When she was very young her wandering brought her to the community of monks that worship Savras. They offered her food and a sense of belonging, so she committed herself to their ways the rest of her childhood. She was ordained very young, and practices her faith diligently. Malina and Andune, who at first struck Malina as arrogant, became close over a long period of time living there, and were eventually married, which is not common but allowed by their faith. When Andune left the community, Malina decided to follow him a few days later. She finally found him in the Nashkel temple of Helm, where he had sought shelter from some kind of terrible ordeal. He was a very different person. Malina stayed there and Andune taught her some of the things he had learned in meditation, but Malina secretly resisted some of his very "unorthodox" practices. Malina eventually persuaded Andune to return to the caves and community of their home, but during their journey Andune took a turn for the worse. When they arrived, the shadows were quickening around him, and he was holding one hand up as if to ward off some dreadful, unseen sight. The monks lay him down in a cave reserved or the sick, and took turns holding vigil over him, sitting in meditation. Despite their efforts, he grew steadily worse. After he passed and the monks rites finished, Malina left again and has been traveling abroad, looking for the Krinkrak clan and members of the Readers of Candlekeep to learn what debt she is to pay in Andune's stead. She also secretly hopes to free Andune from this unknown shadow demon.
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