New Master Alchemist Ability: Throw Potion

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New Master Alchemist Ability: Throw Potion

Unread post by kitteninablender » Fri Jun 14, 2019 8:25 am

Granted at level 4 of Master Alchemist:

Throw Potion (Ex): "When you activate a potion, rather than drinking it yourself, it becomes targettable to any Friendly creature within 30 feet. You can throw the potion at the creature, which will then treat the creature as though they had drank the elixir themselves. Essentially using your own action to feed a potion to a friendly creature. They are immune to the effects of any Toxins or poisons from this Potion/Elixir.

Using this ability is not without Risk, however. You must succeed on a ranged touch attack to hit the creature you are throwing the potion at. You add your Master Alchemist level to the attack roll. The attack automatically hits, however, if the target is not currently engaged in combat.

On a roll of a natural 1, if the intended target of the potion is engaged in Melee combat with another creature, you accidentally throw the potion at a creature they are engaged in melee with, granting them the benefits of the thrown potion instead of the intended target. If you have the Feat "Precise Shot" this risk is eliminated, though the potion still "misses" on a natural 1 and is wasted.

Use: Selected. Toggle on and off.

Toggled on: Your potions become like Wands. They target friendly creatures, and have a range of 30 feet.

Toggled off: You drink the potions yourself as normal.

Thoughts? Ideas? Too good?
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