Inarie Mernos

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Inarie Mernos

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[Special thanks to Glowfire that aided me with the pic here!]

First Name: Inarie
Last Name: Mernos


She's a woman 1,65 meters tall, with a weight of around 55 kilograms. She has a well fit body, clearly she loves to take care of herself. Although she has a feminine walk, she doesn't even try to show off or to sway just to catch the attention of other people. She has green eyes, along with dark red hair. They're long, although most of the time she keeps them tied on a ponytail given it's far more convenient when she travels.


Portrait owned by her son, Alvin.

Race: Human, Balduran
Age: 28 years old
Height: 5' 5''
Weight: 120 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark red


Inarie is born twenty-eight years ago, in Baldur's Gate. She lived a good life among the walls, living joyfully with kids and teenagers. Her childhood has not been traumatic, instead it's been a happy one. She learned how to swim, how to sew and to haggle. Her parents taught her to never be afraid of death or of childbirth, mostly because death is a natural part of life.
When she reached her eighteen years old, despite all her crushes, she learned of a gallant and famous masked knight. This one, she learned from other friends of hers, was supposed to be one of her old friends when she was a child... but they didn't want to spoil her the surprise.
It was rumored that he would have attended at a tournament, so she too decided to go there and witness the capability of this champion.

She never liked too much the fighting, but still she had to admit: she was quite excited when she attended. Then, the knight finally won the tournament, and knelt before her... asking for her hand after removing the helmet.
The man was Roland, a friend of her childhood, who grew into a capable handsome and young fighter. It was love at first sight, and she accepted.
She became pregnant after a couple of months, and after a marriage they decided to move toward the Dalelands.

Still, happiness was short-lived.

Cormyr and the Dalelands, as it is known, has an issue with drow.
While Inarie went to the market, along with Alvin -their son-, Roland were back at home only to find it with a half-drow assassin in it. A fight erupted, which was prolonged for quite some time given both of them were skilled. It was in that moment that Inarie was coming back at home.
Roland was distracted, and the half-drow landed a killing blow.
Inarie entered her home, only to find her husband in a pool of blood, with this half-drow fleeing the scene.

There was time to mourn, and the kid was only two years old. With some luck, she believed, she wouldn't have recalled that scene.
From that moment she became overprotective toward her son, in every aspect. Still, she wanted some revenge.
After bringing her child to her family, she went to Luskan and joined the Coinspinners in exchange of informations about the killer she encountered.
She went there because she managed to learn that Luskan was the last place the half-drow was spotted.
Long story short, she earned the information after accomplishing some jobs with them, and then she took her revenge.

Still, the dying words of the assassin were clear: she was hired for killing Roland, reasons unknown to her. Afterall, she was just the blade that strikes in the darkness, not the mind.
After learning that, she wishes to know more about the mandator, but she couldn't leave her son alone in Baldur's Gate.
She thus decided to return in her hometown, where she bought a home for herself and her kid -thanks to the coins she managed to gain with the job along the Coinspinners-, hoping she'll be able to learn something more about it.
As a Waukeenar, she then decided to join the Golden Wheel.


The duel between her husband and a knight during a tournament.

Personality Profile:
General Health: Good, she cares a lot about her well being
Deity: Waukeen (primary), others.
Initial Alignment: True Neutral
Profession: Merchant
Base Class: Rogue
Habits/Hobbies: None, at the moment, except carving wooden horned amulet
Languages: Chondathan and other languages
Weapon of Choice: Daggers


Her husband about to be murdered by a half-drow.

  • Finding the ones who hired the assassin to kill her husband;
  • Protecting her son Alvin (at any cost);
  • Being well-off, so to provide a decent life to her son;
  • Never, ever, allow to her son to become an adventurer like her or a knight like her father;
  • Finding new allies in her hunt to the mandator of the assassin;
  • As a waukeenar, allow commerce to spread around Baldur's Gate -her own town since birth- ;
  • More to come.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:
  • Possible ties with Braegan D'aerthe, given the assassin was a half-drow;
  • Anything that might be referred to the family of Roland, from a dark past to... anything, really;
  • Given she spent some time in Luskan, as part of the Coinspinner, she disrupted several activities of the Dead Rats. It might have (or not) ripercussions in the future;
  • She is afraid of spiders. Weirdly enough, she's not afraid of giant spiders but only of the small ones that live in the farms;
  • She loves rodents in general;
  • Given she is a Waukeenar, she might be a target of Mask followers;
  • Weirdly enough, she feels sick when she sees persons who are too lucky...
  • ...but she's a good woman, and in the end she's happy for them. Still, this might or might not change.


Inarie joining the Golden Wheel.
Bethany Wynne, Golden Wheel Director for the Sword Coast (momentarily retired!)

Inarie Mernos , Golden Wheel Waukeenar
Eleazar Houbraken , Lost Soul
Nanay Manaq'anra , Lorekeeper
Oriana Colds , Candlekeep Acolyte

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