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First Name: Edelgarde
Last Name: None

Race: Tiefling
Age: 22
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 50kg
Eyes: Dark Red
Hair: Bright red, long and straight.

Personality Profile: Edelgarde appears as a polite and modest person. She insists on calling everyone by tytle as she believes respect is due to everyone. She has a sharp mind and is fond of books and lore, since for her knowledge means freedom. Even at first glance she might appear boring and cold, she has a strong sense of humor and likes people's company. She hates unreasonable constriction, especially the taint of her blood. Thus, her moderate behavior is her way to defy that innate and wicked instinct. Edelgarde fears loneliness that's why her piglet familiar Betty always accompanies her. In order to hide her heavily scarred hands she never removes her gloves.
Deity: Deneir the scribe.
Initial Alignment: Chaotic Good
Profession: Candlekeep Acolyte
Base Class & Proposed Development: Wizard, Thaumaturge, Candlekeep adept
Habits/Hobbies: Reading, embroidering. Loves animals.
Languages: Common, Abyssal, Elven, Dwarven, Illuskan, Celestial, Draconinc, Arcane, Chondathan, Thorass
Weapon of Choice: light crossbow

Edelgarde was born in a small settlement near Neverwinter. Her parents are unknown and she was raised by an elderly woman she always considered her grandmother. Since early childhood she could feel the tug of her blood, pushing forward the most wicked and feral sides of her personality.
When Edelgarde was eight years old, her grandmother passed away. Due to her abyssal inheritance, nobody took her in and Edelgarde found herself living off scraps and sleeping on the streets. She knew beatings, starvation and cold.
One day, three of the local kids that liked to harass her took her doll. They dismembered it and dropped the now formless rags into a puddle. As she lost the last memory of her grandmother, the taint of her blood took control and she killed one of the kids. After that, she ran away fearing the reaction of the village.
Two days after, Lord Wilric Serebald, a noble mage from Neverwinter found her and took her in. He needed an assistant for his research that could handle dangerous and corrosive reagents and her innate resistance allowed her to do so unharmed. Most of the time.
She was well fed and cared for. Her master taught her manners and the basic spells she needed in order to aid him. However, the other servants avoided her and even her master seemed to barely notice her. Edelgarde soon found herself preferring the company of animals.
The years passed and she grew fond of books and knowledge. She felt that every notion and concept shaped her into a better creature, giving her the power to discern. Of course, the darkness was still there and the more it tried to pull her strings, the more she forced herself to live up to the values of civilization. Moderation, culture and knowledge defied the bestiality inside of her and, as she soon found out, defiance felt rather good.
As the years passed she realized that her master would always consider her inferior, so she started defying him as well. By stealing books forbidden to her she learnt how to summon creatures from other planes. She grew bolder and bolder. By observing her master for a long time, she memorized all his wards and protections and how to pass them unscathed. One night, while he was away, Edelgarde managed to sneak into his private quarters and discovered that his master's research was about a particular demon he was trying to summon and bind to his will.
Without thinking of the consequences, she destroyed his notes, stole his books and all the money she could carry. Then she fled the manor and catched the first ship for Baldurs Gate.

Goals: Help to stop the devils, knowledge, write a chronicle of the war.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts: Lord Sarebald is still around and most likely fuming.
Edelgarde - Seeker of Candlekeep and a Disney princess in the wrong tale

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