Tyon Velderat

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Tyon Velderat

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First Name: Tyon
Last Name: Velderat

Race: Human
Age: 28
Height: 188cm
Weight: 79kg
Eyes: Light Blue.
Hair: Black haired.

Personality Profile: Tyon tries his best to live up to Helm's teachings, thinking before acting being one of them, he will do his best to avoid impulsive choices and reactions. He will not attack anyone unless there is no other option left, he strongly believes in peaceful resolutions. Even if his behaviour may sometime be rude and blunt at times he has a good heart with those close to him.
General Health: Healthy, his body shows many scars, his face as well.
Deity: Helm The Watcher
Initial Alignment: Lawful Good
Profession:Knight Errant
Base Class & Proposed Development: Paladin / Divine Champion
Habits/Hobbies: He likes reading stories of famous adventurers when he has free time to spare, which doesnt happen often.
Languages: Common
Weapon of Choice: Greatsword

Tyon was born in Neverwinter, first son of Kresan Velderat, a minor noble in the city. He was raised as next heir of a house that lost everything, money, status a proper estate. His family had many expectations on him and his future, he received education and some degree of martial training. It was hard for his father to make him a decent nobleman, Tyon was generally bored and somewhat disgusted by the noble society, being direct and blunt he didnt understand the formalities and meanings keeping the nobles together. At the age of 15 he made the decision to join the Helmites and travelled to Helm's Hold to become a knight. At first he made the decision to anger his family and show people that a nobleman could be a good and altruistic person, he didnt really understand what he was doing but the knights accepted him because of his drive, and made him a squire. He slowly started to avoid his family to spend most of his temple at the temple, learning and training, for a time he was happy and cheerful, thinking that his life would have turned into a story of heroic deeds but that did not last for long. At the age of 18, while on the task of delivering a letter for his order, he found himself into the situation of protecting some local farmers from bandits.

He stood in front of the bandits, 5 well armed men. He thought that his symbols would have been enough to stop them.
"By the Power of the Holy Watcher I order you to stop and surrender!" They laughed and surrounded him.
That day Tyon tasted fear, true fear, he never found himself in a situation like that one, his own life on the table.
He wanted to run away and looked at the farmers he stepped in to protect, terrified, a boy crying behind his mother's legs.
"Run..." he said, his eyes slowly filling with tears. The moment they started running two bandits ran to chase them, the remaining three attacked Tyon.
He managed to injure one but he was struck down and beaten.

When he opened his eyes he saw the face of the woman that would have become his wife not too many years after, Aradia, a local healer. He woke up at Tyr's temple, Aradia called the guards to carry him to safety but the farmers didnt make it. Tyon was broken, body and spirit, he started questioning his choice to become a paladin, he didnt feel worthy or ready. After a few days his fellow knights brought him back to Helm's Hold, he spent a long time recovering from his wounds and Aradia came regularly to keep his recovery in check and to talk to him. At first, Tyon was ashamed, the woman told him about her travels and deeds, she was so frail but brave at the same time and he couldnt even stand against a few bandits.

"Fear will never go truly away, you have to balance it with motivation, you have to find one strong enough to keep you from shaking, crying, running." She said.

Those words became part of Tyon's life as much as his own faith. At first they became friends, Tyon became Aradia's escort, protecting her on her mission to help the poor and wounded. After a few years they were married, love came naturally, with Tyon's motivation to balance his fear. He made a sacred vow to protect his wife until the end of his days, his love for the woman kept him from falling into his weakness giving him the energy he missed, he was than able to extend that motivation while protecting others. A tragedy struck them, Aradia became pregnant but she lost the child at birth, that was not enough to break their spirit, in fact Aradia stood up stronger. After a long period of depression she transformed her suffering into faith and became a priestess of the Broken God, Tyon embraced her decision and found comfort in her renewed spirit but they never tried having another child again. At the age of 25 they left Neverwinter, Tyon left Helm's Hold since his training was completed and became a Knight Errant, his mission to protect the priestess from harm. They travelled around the Sword Coast helping people in need until the day they knew the devils invaded Dragonspear Castle.

They made the decision to travel to Baldur's Gate and help the locals in any way they could.

Goals: He has sworn to protect his wife Aradia until the end of his days. As a Helmite paladin it is his duty to protect the weak from dangers.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts: Tyon's mind and determination are bound to his wife, losing her would break him forever. Some of his old comrades at Helm's Hold despised him for being weak and a coward, exposing his original choice to become a knight to anger his family and nothing more.

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