1355DR - Baldur's Gate and Environs [DM Posts]

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1355DR - Baldur's Gate and Environs [DM Posts]

Unread post by DM Soulcatcher » Wed Jul 10, 2019 1:39 pm

The harbour is bustling with news of three ships have arrived at Baldur’s Gate, sailing under Bandera of Neverwinter. As soon as they’ve arrived at piers, several numerous contingents of soldiers have left the ship decks, forward came a richly armoured soldier that had met with Captain Beluarion and a small group of Flaming Fist soldiers. The soldier, or Commander Vann as he introduced himself, is said to have publically proclaimed to have arrived here with three Companies of Neverwinter’s soldiers as a nod of the Lord’s Alliance to Baldur’s Gate in the growing efforts to put an end to the infernal invasion of Dragonspear Castle. The Commander has been invited to the Flaming Fist compound, while his soldiers station themselves around the Lord’s Alliance Headquarters and Flaming Fist Headquarters for the time being.

Apparently, another three companies have been stationed with Waterdhavian soldiers out near Daggerford- the northern frontline of Dragonspear War.
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