Violet Thamora

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Violet Thamora

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Paladin of Tyr, Champion of the Triad.
Full name: Violet Thamora
Aliases: Vi (By Hoppy)
Date of Birth: Marpenoth 10, 1334 DR
Place of Birth: Gullykin
Significant other: None


Race: Halfling
Age: 21
Height: 3' 0"
Weight: 25lb
Eyes: Sapphire
Hair: Long golden blonde

Physical Description:

Violet is always well kept and presentable when away from the battle field. She has long golden hair that extends down to the base of her shoulder blades. Her skin is white and fair yet to be marred by the passage of time or the scars of battle. Eye's of sapphire are made to standout through the application of charcoal lining them. For her race Violet is of average height, but the typical halfling build is replaced with a toned athletic build.

Violet wears a friendly smile when ever the opportunity presents it's self away from battle. While in conflict however the friendly visage is replaced with an expression of stern dedication. Despite her small size Violet still seems to possess a commanding aura filling those around her with confidence. While upon the field Violet adorns her self in mithril plate with blue silks enchanted and well cared for, she carries a longsword of elven make that her sister had gifted her wielded in both hands.

When not wearing armor her casual attire tends towards dresses and robes of varying shades of blue and purple. Varying accessories of gold and silver with differing gems accompany her casual attire to the point expected by her activity. Resting upon her head at all times a gold tiara with emeralds enchanted to aid in her judgement. Her voice is warm and friendly often inviting friendship regardless of words spoke, however when voice is giving command it rings out sharply and loudly, clearly closed to questions.

Notable items and symbols:
  • I tie cord of red around my wrists to remind my self that mercy is a noble gift to be given, and that my hands work to end suffering never to cause it.
  • Torm's symbol adorns my gauntlets, for my hands are bound by duty in service of what is good and just, tempered by alert judgement.
  • Tyr's symbol rests upon my neck, for i carry the weight of my choices and rulings. May laws be just and fair, followed by all.
  • My blade is of mithril forged by the elves and gifted by my sister, it was made for an elf but with time it has come to accept me as it's wielder. Together we shall do great good and honour it's creator.
Personality and Progression

General Health:
Violet is young and healthy. She is immune to most sickness through divine blessing. Both natural and unnatural fears have been stripped from her by her patron.
Alignment: Lawful Good
Deity: Tyr is her patron but each of the Triad is treated as such
Profession: Paladin, Former bakers apprentice
Base Class and progression: Paladin 12 going on 30, Unless Triadic Knight becomes an option.
Languages: Elven, Celestial, Dwarf, Halfling, Common
Weapon of Choice: Longsword wielded in two hands - Starlight

Personality Description:

Violet tires to be courteous and formal at all times however growing up and living among her kin in Gullykin she occasionally falls back into old halfling habits. She is kind and friendly to most, even those she actively opposes responding to most insults with a laugh or a jest. Her unusual career path and chosen religion does sometimes create a distance between her and her people, but their naturally kind nature means nothing tends to come of it. Behind strict and ridged discipline there is a naturally joy-filled and curious halfling released only around close friends and confidantes.

During her childhood Violet spent many years admiring the knights who would travel through village or sometimes assist in it's defence. Their noble nature, lofty ideals and goals sparked a fire in the halfling that has only burned brighter with time. Her path as a paladin is her only passion and while she has had many doubt in her youth to her worth, being accepted by Tyr banished them all. To Violet what she is doing is an oddity for her people, after all they are not known for strength and fortitude. That thought drives the halfling to spend more time upon her physical form, doing her best to overcome the limitations placed upon her race for the sake of her duty and goal. If asked she would say it was this drive that Tyr saw within her and his reason for her sponsorship.
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Violet Thamora
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Re: Violet Thamora

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Hostile - Will take risks to hurt you
Unfriendly - Wishes you ill
Indifferent - Doesn't much care
Friendly - Wishes you well
Helpful - Will take risks to help you
Fanatical - Will give life to serve you

Allies and Friends:
  • Trynola Thamora - Fanatical
    My beloved sister with lofty goals and expectations of bringing magic and wonder to our home Gullykin. She is a good soul and potent wizard weaving works of great skill towards the greater good. I would do almost anything upon her request.
  • Gullykin - Helpful
    Gullykin will always be my home no matter how far i travel. All of it's people are like family to me and although we don't share the same views on law they can always count on my assistance. So long as the request is right and just within the eyes of the Triad.
  • Doron Amar - Friendly
    • Elves are known far and wide as a noble and good race. While more chaotic then i would traditionally approve of their deeds and actions as a whole almost always take into account that light. Doron Amar has been a neighbour for as long as i can remember although i have only recently come to visit their village. I visited as a stranger and yet was greeted with kindness and offered magic and knowledge for my sister. Our bounds are fresh but i feel over time they will become great friends and allies. I will hear out any requests they have of me and more often then not perform it.
    • The Councilor of Doron Amar has agreed to let me remain as a guest in the city for a time. This is so that i might train with the rangers and learn their skill with the blade and skill in the forest. It will also allow me to learn their laws, traditions and cultural expectations. A skill i would see turned to better rulings and decision made when dealing with elves in my dutys for Tyr. All that i have met so far have been kind and considerate with but one exception who proved to be of exceeding arrogance. Something i would say is simply youthful inexperience to be humbled with passage of time and nothing born of malice. Elves live for such a long time it's easy to forget their views and progression through it differ to ours.
  • Nathan - Friendly
    Nathan has been helpful in finding my way around the sword coast further from home. Between him and the knights i met i have been to many places far beyond my personal skill. It has allowed me to learn much of the threats i will face here and despite the danger they have made sure no mortal wound was received. His heritage means he has greater heights to climb to prove him self of goodly heart and i do not envy the continuous internal struggle of that darkness. Those who manage to keep it at bay and do the right thing are worthy of praise. Never shall i know his burden but with friendship maybe it will be easier to bare. Nathan is a friend and i would hear out requests he might have.
  • Radiant Heart - Friendly
    A noble order and one i will aim to find my self among. There is only so much a Paladin can do alone. The Radiant Heart offers a place i might find brothers and sisters in holy faith and ideals. My experience with their knights thus far has been positive and Sir Aaron was most informative as to what the Order is and does. I am required to find two knights to vouch for me to start squireship. Their number is scarce in the south with the war going on but i will not let that get in my way. A little more training and i will be ready to join the front in full.

    Darius Estate - Friendly
    • The house had lofty and noble goals i approve of anyone invested in stopping the devils. While i enjoyed fighting beside them and am grateful for the protection provided by who i assume leads. They are chaotic and rowdy with a few to many dramatic displays for our first encounter. While i am not opposed to their rowdy nature and might even find enjoyment in some aspects. It was a bit much for our first encounter.
    • A bunch of misfits is the best way to describe this group. I can't help but to admit they are starting to grow on me some. Even the most lewd among them, Fingal Darius has shown a character above what was expected. When care was gift to the safety of my life and magic use to ensure it during a raid on Durlags. They might be a bit uncouth, lewd and chaotic but for every trait i would consider a negative they have two speaking to higher morals. I would count them among my friends and heed any request they might have.

    Laeria Amarillis - Friendly
    • While i am always hesitant to trust someone who hides their face. Laeria has been kind and helpful each time i have seen her within Doron Amar. It was she who collected the scrolls and gifted them to me during a tireless search. While i don't know enough about her to call her a friend just yet, and i still have not gotten her companions name. Her kindness speaks volumes towards her character and for that reason i believe she is someone i can trust.
    • Laeria is further proven a friend in allowing me to live and train among the elves of Doron Amar for a time. Through conversation shared i believe she might have even made a decent paladin. Undoubtedly more lawful then most elves i have met, we share equal views on the treatment of evil within this world.
    Tialysanna - Friendly
    One of the most skilled archers i have ever seen. Tialysanna is helpful, kind and most importantly good. She can be a bit chaotic at times but that's to be expected given her race and it never seems to come before what is right. She helped me repay my debt to the Councilor and escorted me through the orc infested misty forest so i could see the elven settlement. She is my friend and i will heed any request she might have.

    Aaron - Friendly
    For the time being i am Sir Aaron's squire, we are bound by our holy path and the order to work together. I am still forming an opinion on Sir Aaron as a person but as a knight he does his duty well. While i am not sure i agree on everything he says he is bound by law and what is right. He has done a great job keeping the order moving forward since Sir Gaven's capture. I look forward to seeing what i might learn from him and how our bond will develop within the Order.

    Hoppy Toadsmeadow - Friendly
    Hoppy is best described as innocent and bubbly while also being relatively naive. She is a good halfling with decent morals and goals although is often convinced into doing things she shouldn't. Her general attitude and behaviour pushes away from the typical stereotypes placed upon my people. That is to say as far as i have witnessed she is not prone to theft. During a mission that ended in combating waves of undead she helped save my life with quick thinking. I would call her a friend.

Rivals and Foes:
  • Top hat & Dryad ((Nickname to protect against meta-gaming)) - Unfriendly
    While working to combat the evil Xvarts i encountered this pair. At first they seemed of good intent but when tables turned and a swarm of Xvart shamans appeared they both resorted to foul necromancy. The man raised a mummy and the women a skeleton, due to the swarm of shamans and this foul turn i was unable to combat both sides and retreated to allow them to kill each other. Sometime after i returned to finish off the remaining Xvarts. If somehow either still yet draw breath, in lands permitting i will see justice befall them for foul deed committed.


Disclaimer: This is what and why Violet feels about individuals and organisations. Most people start at indifferent but to save me writing everyone she meets, something of note has to take place or her feelings towards them improve or decline beyond indifferent to be included. Different attitudes are based of diplomacy skill. Attitudes change based role play but i will always allow diplomacy and charm magic to influence attitude. This and my roll of deeds will be my version of a journal, please avoid meta gaming.
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Violet Thamora
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Re: Violet Thamora

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Marpenoth 10, 1334 DR - I am born to Malara and Mergin of Gullykin, youngest of three children.
Eleasis 19, 1350 - I start my apprenticeship as a baker. It was at this point i first knew it was not my path and that i would work towards becoming a Paladin.
Eleasis 10, 1352DR- My sister departs the village in search of adventurer.
Flamerule 5, 1354DR - Pilgrimage is made to Baldur's Gate Triadic Temples. Paladin Oaths sworn first in the temple of Tyr, followed by Ilmater and Torm binding service and future goal of becoming a Triadic Knight.

- Character Creation -

Flamerule 13, 1355DR - Basic training is complete and i start adventuring out from the village of Gullykin following in my sisters footsteps.
Eleasis 3, 1355DR - Nathan beings up the death of a noble friend who sacrificed him self for the city and it's people. The man knew what was to come and made requests of Nathan in his absence. One was aiding in the protection of the Temple of Ilmater along with the Orphanage and it's inhabitants. Nathan has asked if i would assist him in this charge and i have agreed. While within the city i will offer as much time as i can to the protection and betterment of both places until discharged of the duty. I pray that this gives the noble soul some level of peace in the afterlife.
Eleasis 4, 1355DR - Tithe paid for the month of flamerule. One hundred thousand earned after cost of maintaining gear, ten percent to each church offered in total of thirty thousand. Ten to Ilmater, Torm and Tyr temples in Baldur's Gate. (Collected by DM Chant)
Eleasis 6, 1355DR - The Councilor of Doron Amar, Laeria Amarillis permits my request. I will live with the elves as a guest for a month and train with the rangers when ever time and will permit. This i do to improve upon my skill with the longsword, my ability to survive in wilderness and to further learn their culture, customs and laws.
Eleasis 7, 1355DR - An axe brother of Tempus was stranded in the Vault of the Dead. He had been sent on a quest to retrieve a holy axe but had lost it when fear took to his heart at the sight of an undead known as a Wheep. With those of Darius Estate we descended into the ruins defeated the Wheep and returned the holy axe to the man. So that it might be delivered onto the temple.
Eleasis 9, 1355DR - Sworn in as a Squire of the Radiant Heart.
Eleasis 17, 1355DR - Sacrificed 15 years of my life to destroy the necronomicon. A book on necromancy wreathed in negative energy that drained the life of anyone looking upon it. Destruction was called for by the holy triad.
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Violet Thamora
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Re: Violet Thamora

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Path of the Triadic Knight
My lifetime goal has always been to become a Triadic Knight, to be found worthy by the holy three and to serve. In order to achieve this i need to move beyond Tyr into the three churches. I will need to learn their words and serve each temple as loyally and faithfully as if they are my own patron until one day they become such. Most Triadic Knights start by rotating between the three temples in service and so i will do the same with Ilmater being my next focus.
  • Join the temple of Ilmater
  • Join the temple of Torm
  • Protection and security of the temple of Ilmater as sworn to
  • Protection and security of the Baldur's Gate Orphanage as sworn to

The Radiant Heart
It took a few tendays but i finally ran into a member of the Radiant heart. With hard work i will become a member of this holy order and rise through the ranks. I have done what i can alone it's about time i find brothers and sisters in this holy path to fight along side me. These are the long term objectives i have with the Radiant Heart so far.
  • Become a squire
  • Become a knight
  • Become a Grand Knight
Written Works
Justice, Mercy and Duty the three main aspects to a Triadic Knight. We all have our own perception of what each of these words means and when or how we heed them. I believe to truly embody them however we need to understand more then our own perception of them. We share this world with many other goodly races and to respect their lands, laws and traditions we need to understand them. To that end i am working on a book detailing the different perspectives of these things in other cultures as i learn my self.
  • Training and living in Doron Amar for the Month. To help improve my understanding.
  • Finding a dwarf settlement or mentor
  • Finding a gnome settlement or mentor

It's my home and i want to see it safe and prosperous. I don't like the idea of leaving my family alone with the current defences the village has so will see about getting them improved. My sister wants to take over the tower and create magical ale as a Gullykin commodity and i will help her when i can. These are the objectives i have towards my home.
  • Training for the defenders
  • Repairing the wall
  • Arms and armour for the defenders
  • War hounds
  • Assist in conversion of the tower
**Under construction**
Violet Thamora
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