Ssapshalee @ Zymth

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Ssapshalee @ Zymth

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Favored soul of Eilistraee

Born with brother into nobility in Menzoberranzar. Her childish dreams of becoming mighty high priestess of Lloth got ruined and crushed by outside force. Dark Maiden had picked the girl since the birth. And while she dreamt of Temple of Lloth, growing up as spoiled child beating slaves and servants, her secret patron kept working on drifting her in proper way. Years and years of rejection, refusal towards visions where unknown woman disputes every single daily act could not prevent these things getting down the mind. And despite girl forcing Maiden from own dreams, she soon found out herself in numerous rebellions to mother's teaching. With the final choice made years later, and accepting her identity, she and Brother whom she kept hand over in protection, siblings were put onto roads for over forty years. Shipping from city to city, outpost to outpost. Finding out every damned sucker around tries to také advantage.

Hardship on the road reinforced her and shaped her beliefs. Believing in fate already determinated, with phrase what is bound to happen will happen, she is unable to adapt: keeping true to beliefs all the time (Undo your undead, Lanys! I am not going to discuss that!). You shall not betray your close. You shall not ever cease to seek happiness, joy, or beuty in every moment and every place you found yourself in for the life is short, and spending it in doom and despair makes evil to prevail and win. You shall never turn yourself on your goddess.

Harship and suffering caused the girl to mature quickly in mind. Yet when someone older than her would motherly ruffle hair of hers, it turns her awfully childish, she knows it and it drives her furious. Her ego and arrogance, both from origion (I am a noble, sucker!) and her divinity (I am chosen by goddess!) got kept at bay only by her brother. His constant jests, puns, msichiefs and ability to ruin "her moments". "Carry me over the stream, i do not want to get wet!" and him dropping her into deepest part of stream. Her holding boldy, arrogant and prideful speech, while he sets a harmless, but annoying bug into her garments.

Her beliefs lead her to deep disdain of people, who had all they were denied: friends, proper childhood, etc, and who would willingly give it up. She would most likely never show a mercy to an elven renegade, who would be murdering people. Such person would represent all they desire after, and giving it up for the life they hate. She desires to fullfill her fate, and become champion of goddess. Reach the powers where she can lead followers and friends from battles to battles, according to her beliefs, on matter of all who need and deserve help. She also desires after elf or drow, who would come up with proper elven courting, although has awfully vague idea what that in fact is, and knowledge she has come from books (and mostly, from books trying to degrade the life of elves).

While she stays true to the beliefs, she pursuits real and realistic things, never willing to just follow empty, idealistic dogmas of clergy, especially if these should lead to harm of others.

Age upon arrival to Sshamat and Rockrun: 93-96 , twin sister to Zymth. Easily distinquished by pinkish eyes, rich hair, and extremely small size: slim, short, light weighted, but strong build.
Favored weapon: Bastard sword, divine bond shares Maiden's proficiency with the blade. Otherwise uses all neccesary weaponry.


Pictures belong to reno-viol from deviantart
Ssapshalee, eilistraeen Favored Soul.

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Re: Ssapshalee @ Zymth

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Hell yeah!

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