Angelis Dorin

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Angelis Dorin

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Angelis Dorin

"Each of us in made up of little bits and piece. Some make us more interesting then others, and some are simply boring."


Race: Aasimar (Mondaic Deva Descent)
Age: 24
Height: 5'9"
Weight:179 lbs
Eyes: Azure speckled Purple
Hair: White like a cloud.
Facial Hair Style: None

Personality Profile

"Who I am is to be determined by me alone. The events of my life may shape it, but choose what it is shaped into."

General Health: On the thin side, but can run without losing his breath. He lacks muscle tone however. *Maintains a somewhat strict vegetarian diet*

Deity: Helm, though he is sure he doesn't listen anymore.

Initial Alignment: Lawful Evil, with some lawful neutral tendencies.

Profession: Daemonologist, Diabloist, Former Civil-Law Notary, Former Lawyer, political satirist

Base Class & Proposed Development: Warlock/Hellfire Warlock

Habits: Always stops to smell the flowers if he can. Has a tendency to call people little brother, little sister, or my child due to his past as a priest.

Hobbies: Reading up on laws and contracts and finding loop holes, collecting shells or shiny and interesting rocks, riddle games, Petting kittens and puppies. Solving and making Riddles.

Languages: Infernal, Abbysal, Elven, Common, Celestial

Likes: Dogs, Cats, Birds, Flowers, Riddles, Getting power/influence, Fighting. The gods.

Hates: Other Warlocks, Cabals, demon worshippers, devil worshippers. Being tricked. Losing influence. Long days of no excitement.

Weapon of Choice: His powers


"The tale of my life has had a beginning and will one day have an end. I wonder what part you will play in it."

While many heros and villians will proclaim great tragedy or destiny called to them, or forced them onto the path of the adventurer. Proclaiming great joy or angst for their past, Angelis has none of this....over dramatic foolishness.

He had a happy life. A loving, stronger father who worked the land as honest trade. An adoring and humble mother, dedicated priestess of Chauntea, and two older siblings, brother and sister, who protected their younger brother. In a quant little village looked out over by a helmite priesthood. Though many of the people were mortal humans, the occasional dwarf or half elf, Angelis stood out the most for his own unique heritage.

Many looked at him with uncertainty, but others awe. Even the priests proclaimed that his parents were blessed to have a child who carried the heritage of the angels in his blood. Even his name is a way of stating his other worldly and holy nature. Angelis being a play on the word Angelic, as his mother so named him. Yet it was the same angelic blood, that drove Angelis on. Often he would be quiet, and tend to his duties on the farm, and at others he would dive into a brawl with other boys of his age; even if the fight did not originate around him. If there was a scuffle, he was there to break a nose.

His parents worried on this tendency to combat, but the Helmites knew it was just the essence of his Mondaic blood, taking its place in him. They offered to train the boy as a priest, and holy warrior to Helm, and temper his mind to be a great servant to their god.

At his youthful teens, Angelis began his priestly training. He studied the dogma of Helm, wore the robes and said the prayers. Yet despite his best efforts, he could not muster the will and patients to attend long prayers for spells, and even had difficulty grasping the use of faith towards such things. He was also irritated by the cloister of his education, and angry that other young priests were advancing while he struggled.

Patience the priests or his parents would tell him. But Angelis had little now, he needed to be out doing something. In his blood he felt a calling towards greatness. And so, leaving a letter to his instructors and his parents, he left to seek his own fortunes.

His travels took him to the city of Waterdeep, where he eventually found work as the aid to an elderly clerk and civil notary and wizard of minor standing. Here he began his education of law and civil documents. The work seemed to take to him, and he even soon found himself following in his masters footsteps. He had found some peace in this work of law and order, yet still it was not enough for the impulsive Angelis.

One day however, while organizing some of the books of his patrons library, as his elderly mind had trouble remembering where things went, he came across an old spell book that detailed in the workings of the denizens of the hells and the abyss.

Perhaps out of boredom, Angelis took the spellbook and began studying it in secret, till in time he had gained a passing understanding to summon a devil. Perhaps it was his assmiar blood, but the first devil he summoned was an Eyrines. The sight of the beautiful yet evil creature, took Angelis by surprise, and yet he was fascinated that he had managed this summoning.

The Eyrines was even more surpised, as Angelis began asking questions upon questions of the hells. The Eyrines, though only barely contained, indulged the young mans wishes and answered as she wished. Perhaps in the young Aasimar's eyes she saw something worth in a soul, and the desire for more in Angelis, for when she asked about him, often he complained of his lack of real power and his ever growing sense that he was meant for more.

So the Eyrines offered him power. And Angelis....agreed.

Now he was not a total fool, he knew that this pact would be dangerous to him, and he did his best to avoid falling into any pitfalls with the help of his legal education, in time the two beings made a pact, and as the Eyrines departed, Angelis stood reborn....with eldritch powers at his call.

Confident that now, he could become what he knew he was meant to be, he left his master and his life in Waterdeep, and headed south. The rumors of devils attracting him as he know felt a great desire to study the hells and the abyss even further and perhaps in doing so, gain more power, wealth, glory and more.


"We all have desires....mine are just more simple."

The goals of Angelis are basic, for the time.

He wishes to increase his power and gain influence and standing at court, maybe even some land he can rule over. Or at least carve out some territory where he can see to his studies in peace.

End any threats to his power, including other warlocks. He considers warlocks like himself, predators carving out their territories, and other warlocks can be threat to him. After all, if one of them ends up angering the local peasants, it could end up with angry mobs hunting them down, including Angelis. Better to remove any dangerous or foolish others.

Is this all he wants? No, but for now it is a start.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:

The pact he made with the Eyrines is basic, yet also deceptive.

-When Angelis dies truly, his soul will go to the Eyrines he bound himself with. Not an overly bad thing to Angelis, he even learned his soul would be very valuable in the currency of Hell. He takes it as a compliment.
-Angelis cannot raise his hand directly against his patron Eyrines, or any other Eyrines, though he can certainly harm any minions they have, and must obey their patrons commands so long as it does not immediately put his life at risk. But Angelis can most certainly try to twist such orders to his favor if he can. Note directly, Angelis is certain he can...indirectly harm them if he must, at least any Eyrines that are not his patron.
-Though it is not a requirement, Angelis can always find other souls to bind to his patron in return for a boon or leeway in his restrictions. But they must be....interesting souls with value. Angelis is good at figuring out what makes a soul valuable.
-Though the Eyrines has no name here, it can always be changed should the DM's decide it would be useful.

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Re: Angelis Dorin

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