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The Northern Trading Company

Unread post by Kaeldre » Sat Aug 03, 2019 7:19 pm

Within the weaving streets of Sshamath's marketplace a group of three would stand beneath the shadow of a malachite-green tent. Before the three of deep dwarven descent one would find a sole zurkhwooden table, slim but wide. A display case crafted in the same wood-like material would be set on its smooth surface, a glass lid gently pulled over a greataxe resting on a silken cushion of maroon colour.

When inquired, one of the three deep dwarfs would answer and present himself as Thogrek Blackhands, head of the Northern Trading Company. He would offer a few details on the greataxe put on display before him.


As the cycles pass another set of duergar would arrive to assemble two more slim tables, along with matching display cases. The two other dwarves would take their place at each of these tables to present the item found within.

Adamantine Greataxe
Enchantment Bonus +1
Acid Bonus Damage +1
Material: Adamantine


Hollow Bone Staff
Deflection Armor Class +4
Dexterity Bonus +3
Health Point +5


Death Whisper
Enchantment Bonus +4
Mighty +5
Sneak Attack Bonus +2d6

(Heavy Crossbow)

// I'm generally looking for a reasonable trade of any sort. I would be extra keen on any greatsword offered in exchange, and to a lesser extent warhammers, morningstars and maces. Feel free to contact me as you please should you hold any interest.
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