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That Day

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It started as a early day, after a sleepless night filled with lute strings and the silent companionship known only to soldiers. That Day's work started long before Lathlander climbed over the eastern horizon and was first viewed by the serene gaze of Selune. The night watch observed idly as soldiers comprising Scar's left flank roused themselves from their rest and started to don the armor and kit required for the day's coming battle. The sergeant of the watch was curious about the demeanor of these soldiers, unlike the tense sense of anticipation that hung over the rest of the force, these worthies greeting the coming day with a sense of relief and out of place tranquility.

The young NCO passed by the strange standard of this section, a large steel goblet set atop the old boulder of "The Bastards", and he felt a stab of wistful longing.
"What confidence veterans must have to know the outcome of their battles."

Thedran, having spent the night in battle dress and armor, passed among his soldiers as they committed the morning traditions of professional soldiers. He assisted in the menial tasks of donning battle armor and war packs where it was needed and paused to share jokes and fellowship by the small breakfast fires. No sense of urgency loomed over the soldiers and as the majority of the camp finally started to rouse themselves, they found this selected few already on their feet and in armor. As the camp and army readied for war, Thedran moved to stand beside the standard and removed the book from his belt, it's golden clasp fell aside and The List was opened.

"Right lads, lets have our roll call."
Thedran: The Rock

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