Cuna Firecutter

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Cuna Firecutter

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First Name: Cuna
Last Name: Firecutter

Appearance: Cuna wears a fine mithral mesh that is little more than cloth. He is handsome and well kempt with shining armor and a big hairdo.

Age: 110
Height: 157cm, 5'2''
Weight: 108lbs
Eyes: green
Hair: dark blue

General Health: fragile
Deity: Labelas Enoreth
profession: knight
Bard/divine champion of Labelas Enoreth
Favored weapon is longbow
alignment chaotic good

Personality: He secretly believes he will live forever, besides the sense of invincibility common in the young, he thinks Labelas favors him and time will always be on his side. He is quick to laugh and enjoys a teasing humor with his friends. He is rather overconfident and inspires courage in others.

Cuna's father is a traveling scholar--an Archivist--with ties to Candlekeep, and his mother is a cleric of Labelas Enoreth. Cuna spent his very young life at Candlekeep, but began traveling and adventuring with his parents when he was still just a boy. When he was a baby his room caught fire and Cuna would have been burned to death, but by some strange chance the fires didn't burn him. His mother was sure it was an intervention by Labelas Enoreth, but his father and others weren't so sure. He gained the name Firecutter from the locals of Candlekeep, and the name stuck.

Under the tutelage of his father and mother, his talents as a poet became apparent, and he is now a bard of some accomplishment. His mother instilled in him his faith in Labelas, and Cuna eventually assumed knighthood under the Church (Divine Champion). Now, Cuna has explored a lot of the area around Candlekeep, and longs to travel farther, but because he is still young by his parents standards, he has not been given leave to travel to very distant places.

Philsosophy: Cuna is most interested, from a poetic and theological point of view, in Time. The puzzles of how to describe time, its passage and the resulting movements of creation and destruction are the focus of his writing. He has an interest in the history of Faerun, particularly about Elves. He likes to visit ancient ruins and recall what he knows of past civilizations.
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