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Zaelphion Devress - Mind of The Watcher

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Chapter One: Lost

It happened again, the nightmare I've been occasionally doing since I left Waterdeep the first time.

I am with Holgard, Nora and the other knights, they are talking to each other and I can hear them.
I try to say something but my mouth doesn't even open.
They laugh and talk lightly, but I cannot intervene, I have to follow and listen.

Then they all disappear, suddenly, and I'm in the woods, in the mist.
I can still hear the echo of their voices but I am alone.
I can't even see the sun above my head.

"This is not who you are, Zaelphion."
I hear a voice behind me, but no one is there.
I recognize it, it's my father's voice, I can't say anything still.

"You can't break our father's heart like she did Zaelphion."
I hear a voice on my left, but no one is there.
I recognize it, it's my brother's voice, I can't say anything still.

"You can't be like me, you have to find your own path, Zaelphion."
I hear a voice in front of me, but no one is there.
I recognize it, it's my sister's voice, I can't say anything still.

"Why are you here, what's your goal, Zaelphion?"
I hear a voice on my right, but no one is there.
I recognize it, it's my master's voice, I can't say anything still.

I want to scream, I feel lost, I can hear them but I can't find them.
I feel powerless, I run in the woods but there is no end to it.
I stumble upon something, it's Nora's body, covered in flowers like the day of her funeral.

"She died for nothing, is that what you want?"
I hear my father's voice again, I want to scream.

"Come back to the manor Zaelphion, I can give you purpose."
It's still his voice, I feel the urge to scream rising stronger withing me.
The woods are becoming hotter, I can see some lights in the mist.

"Come back, I said! You are just a naive young man that wants to play the valiant knight, you will fail, LIKE YOUR SISTER!"
His voice is rising, the woods are now on fire, I can feel the heat on me.


And I wake up, and it's over.
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Re: Zaelphion Devress - Mind of The Watcher

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Chapter Two: To Live is To Serve

I made the decision to walk away from Candlekeep for a time.
Not too long hopefully, I felt weird asking for names and reasons at the Gate.
While at the same time, people was fighting against an undead plague.

Forgive me Father, but I had to do this, I will be back at the Keep soon enough.

So I travelled South.

Nashkel must have been a lovely village, if it wasn't for the recent crisis.
Amnian soldiers and Helmite Knights patrolling the roads, sad faces, no kids playing chase.
I could smell the fear in the air.

I saw a small crowd gathered for a funeral, five men lost their lives in a recent battle.
I stayed there to pay my respect, but when everything ended, a boy remained by the graves.
I walked closer, he wasn't crying, he was clenching his fist almost hurting himself.

"They will pay."
He said, his tone was clearly angered, but calm as well, if possible.
He was filled with a thirst for revenge, but he was only a young boy.

"Anger is a frail bridge, it will bring you exactly where you want to be, in a fast and convenient way. But the bridge might collapse, if you walk too fast. Anger can give you purpose, but it can also kill you, let it show you the way but maintain control, you decide how fast you can walk."

This is what I said to him, this is what my master Holgard used to say when I was angry and wanted revenge.
Anger is a well of power, but it is hard to control, losing control of it means rushing into an early death.
The boy hardly listened to me, so I decided to make a deal with him.

I gave him my old sword, magical, worth a lot of gold for a boy, I said:

"If you decide to take this sword you will have to offer yourself as a squire to the local knights, train, learn to control your rage, not rush in the woods looking for revenge. The other option is, I sell the sword, you take the coins and use it to travel away from this village and find a job somewhere else, since you have no family left here."

The boy decided to take the sword for himself and join the knights.
This crisis is making a lot of people suffer.
I am no hero, I was a squire non even a year ago, I can't even say what I want to accomplish by being here.

I will try my best to make life easier for the people of this village, since I can't solve the problem myself, I will support them.
This is not like one of those books I read when I was a child, I can't rush against the evil overlord and save the day.
It is complicated, and every life that is lost is lifechanging for those who remain, soldiers aren't just scenery.

Every single one breath, think, and live like me.

Heroism is not easy.
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Re: Zaelphion Devress - Mind of The Watcher

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Chapter Three: Courage and Fear

Right after the meeting with the Avowed, Edelgarde had a message from Hoppy.

Nashkel was soon to be attacked.

We left immediately.

As soon as I stepped into the town I could smell it again, Fear.
I know that smell clearly, because I feel it, everytime.
It is what makes me bark and act in this situations, like a dog.

I see the townsfolk walking toward the Temple of The Watcher.
Men, Women and Children, their faces showing infinite shades of fear.
A baby, crying in the background, the shouts of the soldiers at the wall.

As I walk with Edelgarde, Karen and Tristam toward the Temple I can't help but thinking...

There is no epic tale truly capable to describe fear and despair, I can't hardly do it myself.

We joined the commander Wai Li after meeting Hoppy, they both went with the team chasing Clyde, the necromancer.
A choice I can hardly understand, should a commander leave her own town and men at the orders of outsiders?
Probably there are motives I do not know, and I will not judge any further than this.

The men have been given orders, I have been given the task to guide a small group, just four: Me, Edelgarde, Karen and Tristam.

So we march to the foothills to make our first stand, and it all starts, we all fighting our own fears in a different way.
I look around myself while taking the centre of the formation, the fight against fear has began far before the battle.

I need to motivate them, show them that their leader would stand and defend them no matter what.

The first wave comes, the front stands.
The second wave comes, the front stands.
The third wave comes, the front stands.
Un undead giant comes, the front stands.

Than they swarm us with their main army, we have to fall back, I shout to Theodoric, running behind the walls with my men.
We now have to defend the northern bridge, while Theodoric and his men are defending the southern one.
We are not many, but I dont expect a lot of undead rushing into our bridge.

I am proven wrong almost immediately.

We stand for what we can but the line falls quickly, I see my allies dropping on the ground and that fear grows into me.
It growls like an hungry beast, the more I look into the enemy the more I feel overwhelmed by it.

"I need to run, I am going to die once and for all."
Than I turn back and see them, Edelgarde, Karen and Tristam on the ground.
"No you can't, no one is to be left behind."

As I grab their bodies to bring them to safety I feel the growling beast transforming.
It's still there, but it is now howling, and that is giving me motivation.

What is Courage?

I lose my survival instinct to save my allies.
I rush into the enemy to take them away.
Is this idiocy or courage?
How does fear turn into it?
Does courage even exists?

I have no time to think about this during the battle, when I go back to the bridge I expect to see the undead walking through it.
But we had reinforcement from the other group, the sight of new allies fills me with energy, and I rush back into the battle.
After a few more waves the enemy dissolves into shadows, they are called back by a greater power, and the battle is over.

Nashkel is safe, for now.

No news from the offensive group, any attempt to contact them fails.
And now what is left is hope, if they fail the town is going to fall.
The walls are down, we lost many soldiers, if they attack again Nashkel will be history.

For now we can only hope and celebrate this victory, a precious one.

Thanks to DM Foresight for the event!
Zaelphion Devress - Helmite Knight / Candlekeep Guard
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