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Unread post by Lockonnow » Sat Aug 10, 2019 12:41 pm

The Ziggarut pyramid it is a odd way couse when you come in to it by Running Up the stairs out side you will met some Salamander then you will find a door that leading down and then it gets odd couse you didt see any alter with sacrifice but the blood is running down like waterfall in the below the Orzogoth that i found odd couse i was thinknig, They will name the Maze of the The Ziggarut pyramid or the dungeons of The Ziggarut pyramid but it is name of the Below the Orzogoth
that is beneth the whole Highmoor Orzogoth northern Region , I know there is a building on the northern Region Highmoor Orzogoth wit ha Chest you cant get insdie but i thikn it will be if you think tha thge dragon can get in and out but it look like it is trap down in the fire cave

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