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Name: Suzume
Profession: Cleric of Aerdrie Faenya
Race: Half-elf (she has Avariel blood in her, but no wings)
Appearance: Suzume wears light chain and a heavy shield. Her hair is short and brownish-blonde, and her blue eyes are often turned up at the sky. Her features are fine-boned. She has an olive complexion; and her beauty is well above average.
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Personality Profile: She can be spacey but is as wise as they come. She is also intelligent with many interests and a fast learner -- able in both her religion, spell knowledge and even survival and animal handling. She often finds herself in a leadership role, but she does not tell people what to do. Her empathy allows her to to support a team and guide them towards their common goal by recognizing how to bring out the strengths of others.

Interests: She is fascinated by animals, especially winged ones. She longs to learn magical flight. She loves the gifts of Aerdrie and specializes in lightning and storm, but is also a potent wielder of positive energy against death, disease and perversions of life. She frowns on evil magic and magic that confines or controls. She is also learning to write magical runes with a lot of enthusiasm.

Health: Suzume is not very physically able. Her shield is her heaviest possession and is wearisome to her. Her general health is average.

Progression: Cleric, Harper Priest, Heirophant

Suzume befriended a boar that she named Powder, who serves her in many ways, not the least as a tracker with a keen nose. This helps Suzume stay on her toes where she would otherwise stare thoughtfully at the sky and space out. She befriends birds as a hobby, (mostly by feeding, she does not keep them) but none of these have the bond Suzume has with Powder.


Suzume was born on the top of mount Sundabar in the Snow Eagle settlement of Avariel in eastern edge of the Great Glacier, Northeastern Faerun. Her mother is an Avariel belonging to the warrior caste of Avariel society. Her father was a human adventurer who died fighting a white dragon attack on on the Snow Eagle city, when Suzume was the equivalent of a teenager. Suzume also fought in that battle, but was dishonored in the eyes of her mother for not having the physical prowess to be much of a warrior, and running away in fear. She has gone over the battle often in her mind since then, resolving not to run away in the face of danger again.

Later, she was allowed to join the clergy of Aerdrie and the peaceful, learned caste of Avariel society, albeit with certain reservations and awkwardness. After 10 years of study, her grief for the loss of her father returned to her suddenly and she decided to follow a desire to travel to his homeland and learn about where he was from. She was able to persuade one of her friends, a wizard, to teleport her to Baldur's Gate. ((More Incoming))
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