BG/FAI/Soubar - Saurvi - Seeking Skilled Wand Crafter

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BG/FAI/Soubar - Saurvi - Seeking Skilled Wand Crafter

Unread post by StormBear » Fri Aug 23, 2019 8:02 pm

This note is written in simple large lettering on a fine piece of parchment. It has been posted on or near notice boards in Soubar, Baldur's Gate, and the Friendly Arm Inn.

"Seeking the services of skilled wand crafters and elixir brewers. Requesting the following wands for an initial order and consultations for future business.

Wand of Bull Strength
Wand of Ghost Visage
Wand of Mirror Image

If willing and able to fulfill request then please reply, send a sending, or leave a note with the innkeep of Blade and Stars, Henser. I thank you for your time!

It has been signed by a "Saurvi Saunterstone"

//Henser isn't very good at relaying messages to me so a PM on the forums works best.
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