Bash Belfire

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Bash Belfire

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Name : Bash (Bastien) Belfire

Race : Aasimar

Gender : male

Age : 31

Alignment : chaotic neutral (good)

Deity : Shaundakul

Profession : devouted bodyguard & Pathmaker

Classes : cleric, dragonslayer, fighter, divine champion

Place of birth : Baldur’s Gate, though he hasn’t been home since he was ten. It is rumored he was presumed dead, drowned as a boy together with his parents near the shores of the distant peninsula named Zakhara.

General appearance :
Bash is a tall, strong man, likely splendidly muscled below his armor. He bears the mark of someone’s sword across his sun-kissed face, though it looks more like an old burn scar rather than a cut. From the place where it starts on his head now grows silver hair rather than brown, leaving him with a permanent silver streak which time to time hangs down loose over one eye. His nose is curved like a hawk’s beak, but looks as if it had been broken a couple of times over the years. His looks seem rather unique, especially with those at time intense, silver eyes of his. For a tall and armored man he walks with surprising swiftness, and although still not that old, he displays the attitude of a veteran. Like someone who already has faced and experienced several horrors, as well as survived those, but without expressing anything about the glamour of certain wars or heroic fights. To most Bash could be hard to read, so some of his reactions could perhaps strike with surprise. He may come across as a devouted man though, especially when he is observed in the presence of a certain lady whom he seems to serve.

Quick background :
((on hold for now

Goals & rp-hooks :

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