Kheldrivver Burning Crusade Camp - Rumors

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Kheldrivver Burning Crusade Camp - Rumors

Unread post by Grendunor » Sun Aug 25, 2019 11:32 pm

A dwarf in golden mail can be seen piling up stones to form a makeshift altar on the fringes of the tempurian camp. A greatsword wrapped in a helix of pitch soaked rags is embedded hilt first within the alter.

Beside the alter several crates of ale imported and purchased from the taverns of Kraak Helzak can be noted along with a makeshift bar counter and set of seven stools, just off to the side.

an observant viewer might also notice crates and crates of stone vials labelled To be filled in bold Dethek script, resting atop those a single thirty-pound cauldron inscribed with the dwarven for. Gravy pot
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