Add Crocodiles and Dinosaur forms to Wildshape list.

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Add Crocodiles and Dinosaur forms to Wildshape list.

Unread post by kitteninablender » Thu Sep 05, 2019 3:10 am

So I've been considering building a Druid of the Swamp. A Malarite Druid from a desolate Swamp, who shapechanges into Black Dragons.

But I looked at the Wild Shape list: Crocodile and Dire Crocodile are on the Summon Monster list...they are NOT on the Wild Shape list, from what I can tell.

Would it be too difficult to add Crocodile/Dire Croc to the list? Because I would love to RP a Swamp Druid.

Or, alternatively, I would also very much like to do a Jungle Druid, like Umoja from the Storm of Zehir expansion.

I understand why Dinosaurs were removed from the animal companion list: Too good.

But why not Dinosaur wild shape?

I could imagine an Epic Druid changing into a Tyrannosaurus....
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