Disguise & the TKL performer tool

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Disguise & the TKL performer tool

Unread post by Escronimu » Sun Sep 08, 2019 9:56 pm


I have a bard character and I (painstakingly!) programmed in a whole bunch of TKL songs for him. I quickly reached the 10 song limit, but someone told me you can expand the limit by using the disguise feature. Sure enough it worked fine (apart from having to figure out how to RP changing disguise mid-set!).

After taking a break for a few months I can't seem to work out how to access the disguise any more. Someone mentioned that it's been disabled?

So my question, which I guess is for a DM, is there any chance I'll see those TKL songs again? I'm not too bothered, it's just that those songs represent a fair bit of boring transcription work :cry:

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