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Lawful best - Lux

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He winced as he rolled over to sit and leaned forward. Scars covered his bare back like dozens of pink snakes, a brutal reminder to him of whom he should respect. They had called it justice, but he was never offered some bread when he was hungry, nor was he offered any shelter when it rained heavily. Like today for instance. A storm had claimed the skies for its own personal spectacle, using clouds as its instruments, and by the sounds of it determined to sing out.

The only brightness of that day seemed the lightning which above his head lit the dark sky in brief, albeit brilliant streaks. Rain started to come down so thick that it embraced every tree and building like as if it were fog. The cold water hammered his head and shoulders as his teeth began to chatter as uncontrolled shivers assailed his body. Black clouds all around spat lightning mercilessly onto the pitiful scene below. The young boy pulled his knees up and wrapped his arms around them, burying his face into his legs.

He had no idea how long he had been sitting there, but suddenly he sensed a presence before him. With cheeks pink with cold he squinted up, and blinked as a faint wave of warmth seemed to crash over him. He rubbed his eyes, and as his vision restored he saw there was someone standing before him, with a light radianting from behind. It looked like a warrior or knight of sorts, whom sank to one knee in the mud before him. A surprising warm and soft hand gently came down on his bare shoulder, and when he looked up, he saw it was a blonde young woman, her face mystical and beautiful.

Had he died? Was this an angel who had come down to take him? All around him it was quiet now, the storm had ebbed to nothingness, as if to make way for the words of the woman.

“Bully, tyrant, abuser or murderer. No one will eventually escape justice. He sees every choice, every emotion, every conflict and every pain. I know what is behind is painful for you, and what is ahead may frighten you. But I ask you to look at me. I will not fail you for He has sent me to bring hope to the righteous and to protect those who cannot protect themselves.”

The armored lady held out her hand palm up, and opened her fingers. The boy looked from her face to her hand, and then slowly placed his own hand in hers….

---------- A few years later, close to present day ----------

Under a heaven that was so grey it was as if it’s been ages ago sunlight had bathed this part of the world, a ship arriving from the Dragon Coast moored at one of Suzail's quays.
Down the gangplank, lead by an armored woman dressed in armor and radiating beauty, came a swarm of what looked like beggars, mostly children from places all around by the looks of it. There were a few major differences however with general beggars. Their clothes weren’t average quality, but neither were it completely rags. They did not outstretch their hands in the hope to receive some coin, neither did they spread the often typical, choking, gag-inducing scent. But in everything else one could see they were poorest of society, as most carried no belongings of significant importance, their attires looking worn, and their footwear requiring more than just some patching.

But they hummed, and they hummed like humming was their joy and their happiness. They hummed a soft church-like melody as they followed the armored woman over the dock’s market towards the city gate. And when their hymn switched into singing, it sounded like the promise of a better tomorrow. It was beautiful, angelic, their tones gentle and insisting at the same time. Their voices were heavenly, like they could carry over high fortifications with ease, and penetrate solid gate doors without effort. The phenomena that was their song, bounced back and forth between walls of homes big and small. Swells of power and seemingly pride rose up from their young throats, making it nearly impossible for anyone to shut out the sound they created.

Judging by the difference in skin color and complexion, the wide variety of hair types, they also appeared to be a multicultural flock, with the armored woman featuring a regal, sky blue cloak, and a smile that could lighten the darkest of chambers as their guide or shephard.

As the group approached the central square, the song subsided into a subdued hum with a peculiar, almost inviting warmth before fading. With earnestness that is so typical to children, the group looked around to any who’d look at them, before their eyes glided back to the woman at the front who had stepped up to address the local population present.

There was an amazing depth and dimension to her harmonic voice, making her almost pleasant to listen to.

“I, Luxanna Summermight, paladina of Tyr, have travelled many lands, and I seek shelter for those who I have persuaded to follow me in my wake towards a better life and a better place to stay. A place that shows care, concern, and welcomes with open arms those who deserve better.”

“Behind me, some of you may think, I have brought a seemingly source of misery, a collection of broken dreams and shattered hearts, a flock that should be -according to some- exposed to dogs more than to kindness. All while their only flaws are limited to… poverty,... being born in the wrong place at the wrong time, having fallen prey to regimes who turn a blind eye to abusal and exploitation,... purposelessly roaming the streets because their homes, their family and loved ones were taken from them in fights that were never theirs.”

“I would have stayed each time in every place where I witnessed it, fought single-handed their adverseries, or those who were responsible for pulling the strings that lead to so much pain and other rifts in these young lives. But it would not necessarily have lead to the justice I envisioned, nor would it have guaranteed a future more bright for these children.”

Luxanna spread her arms, indicating the group of children that now flanked her.

“Instead, I have gathered them, had them touch each others mind in order for them to find hope, have them observe that they are not alone, and that they can truly be helped. Instead, I have extracted them from their environments before they would have answered their sources of misfortune with crime themselves.”

“I ask… I pray… I beg you to not deny the actual lights that shine from within those with me, these children… who deserve to be a part of this world, who live under the same sky as ours, these children... of the sun. Our sun.”

She looked around.

“Who can help us, the Sisterhood of Light, to give these younglings the home and protection they deserve?”
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