Valan'thilee Miluvial

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Valan'thilee Miluvial

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Valan’thilee Miluvial

Valan’thilee is a young wood elf from Suldanesellar. When she was born, her parents saw that she had a birthmark of the symbol of Vandria Gilmadrith.
The seers had not mentioned anything about this and her parents were worried, they took her to the Seldarine temple shortly after being born and she was taken under the wing of a priestess of Corellon Larethian named Holone.

Holone was very old and strict, and so was life at the Seldarine temple, she did not have a normal elven childhood and spent most of her time studying and attending lectures on her free time while training physically and mentally.

Valan’thilee had to learn many things the hard way as she had a lot of trouble memorizing and learning all the names and events of History of the Elves and Seldarine, as she grew up she became very shy and had a hard time making friends, the closest she ever had to a friend was her sister, who would visit her at the temple often and play with her.

Valan’thilee could be very outgoing at times, but mainly more out of curiosity, though she always had a natural charisma and aura surrounding her, she is very aloof and distant, a sensitive and kind soul, she always tries to expect the best out of others, to the point of being naive, she always tries to show off a cheerful and happy attitude while trying to make friends everywhere she goes, but those who notice her alone would see she has a very somber and solemn demeanor.

After reaching her adulthood, the priestess Holone told her that she was going to take her to fulfill her destiny.
By this time her parents were dead and her only family was her sister, they said their goodbyes and Valan departed with Holone.
They set out to travel north from Suldanesellar, Holone protected Valan’thilee during their travels, Holone treated this in a very urgent matter, though she never told Valan’thilee any details of what they were going to do or where.

They ususally travelled through the wilderness and made very few stops, one day while travelling in the North, Holone started feeling tired, they were near a settlement called Soubar and rented a room at the Winding Way Tavern.
In that horrible place, Holone and Valan’thilee spent their last moments together.

“My dear child, I was always very though with you because I wanted to temper you like the strongest elven steel, but know that I always cared for you, I know that you will follow your heart, and do your best to protect the People, make me proud and . . .” She passed away before she could finish speaking.
Valan’thilee took her to the nearby woods and gave her a proper burial and funeral, after she spent 2 weeks mourning her near the grave, she noticed the trouble in the area, devils attacking and invading as she heard from the locals.
“Maybe this is why we are here” She said to herself as she embarked on her own journey towards the unknown.
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Valan'thilee Miluvial, elf

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